This movie was very fun. Not being a Marvel kid, I’m not intimately familiar with the mythology/background that ties into the character, but this was a good movie with a good mythology. The story was fun and interesting if a little obvious. And of course the most interesting thing was seeing Marvel’s “Spirit of Vengeance” as compared with DC’s “Spirit of Vengeance”, The Spectre. One’s of God, one’s of the Devil (played nicely by Peter Fonda by the way).
I love the special effects….the first time we see Nicholas Cage transform, I thought the character looked a little emaciated, but I either got used to it or the new jacket fixed the problem…I’m not sure. All I know is it looked friggin’ awesome. And when we see the original Ghostrider on his horse? I was so excited. I said to myself: this is why I created an Undead in World of Warcraft….because it just looks so flippin’ cool.
The music was fantastic…I love the rock version of Ghostriders In The Sky and the instrumental stuff was nice too. Looking at the credits, it said Christopher Young, whom I recognized as the composer of the Country Bears soundtrack.
All in all, a decent movie for February release…which is unfortunate because I know it will be gone from theatres this weekend which means if you didn’t see it yet, maybe the DVD sales will recoup the investments because it was a good comic book movie in my opinion. But I’ve heard whisperings of complaints from Marvel kids, so like I said, what do I know…

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