The Civil War, WW2, Simpsons, Bourne Ultimatum, Rush Hour 3

So I recently finished reading a trilogy of books by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (Gettsyburg, Grant Comes East, Never Call Retreat). He calls them “active history”, although in my opinion it is in the same vein as historical fiction novels like those of Harry Turtledove (Guns of the South). As a passionate lover of the Civil War, the books were phenomenal. Predicated on a single changed decision (instead of continuing to attack the Union forces at Gettysburg on July 2nd, Lee executes a grueling flanking march and decimates them when they attack him on ground of his choosing), the books wove a tale of military strategy and political ideology that is as valid for our time as it was back when it was actually (but not really) happening. I was most struck by President Lincoln (especially since he makes A LOT of sense in his political thoughts and especially since I understand the spirit of melancholy that resided in him), but all the characters were fun to hang out with, as it were. So now that I’ve finished that trilogy, I’ve started reading the next trilogy, which reinvents World War 2*, starting with the attack on Pearl Harbor. I’m already in chapter 6 and enjoying it immensely. If you are a fan of history (especially American history), I highly recommend both trilogies, although they are currently writing the rest of the WWII trilogy, so I have to wait between books… 🙁 oh well.

The Simpsons Movie is very enjoyable…especially since every time I watch the Simpsons, it’s a dirty little secret for me. Mom disapproves of the Simpson family because Homer is a bad role model. Go ahead…try and argue with her. 😉

Bourne Ultimatum – wow….lots of action, lots of fun. My favorite part was in the middle of the Morocco fight (chasing through all the buildings). At one point, Bourne gets his assassin in that hand-breaking grip…you know, the one where you grab the assailant’s hand and bend it backwards? But instead of letting his hand get broken, the assailant does a back flip on the spot! It was freaking awesome. Oh, and you have to watch the first two Bourne films before seeing this one, or you’ll be hopelessly lost (unless you’re a genius story picker-upper like me – ok, I saw the movies the day before…bite me).

Rush Hour 3 – hilarious. Although I did kind of have to wonder why I was watching the movie at times just because…it seems like almost the same movie as the other two…not to say it wasn’t original and enjoyable…it’s just at times I caught myself thinking (“what are you doing thinking in here? this is a comedy!”) that it’s basically the same thing over and over again…but then Chris Tucker does something funny and I laugh. The “Who’s on First” bit near the beginning was absolutely hilarious, even though they gave most of it away in the trailer. A really interesting aspect of the movie was its intense focus on Chinese lore/culture. You’ll see what I mean, but the whole thing with the list and the honor inherent in not killing your brother was fascinating to me because I understand the warrior spirit that has been conquering people for eons….I understand why Troy sucked.

And with that reminder of a sucky movie, I say good night…and good luck.

* When did World War I become World War I and not “The Great War”/”The War To End All Wars”? Why am I so glued to the idea that World War I wasn’t called that until the Second World War started? Because it was the answer to a kiddie mystery story that I read once? AUGH!

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