The Rock Church Worship Service


Come Lord Jesus
Baptism – Bailey from Jen and Bryan
We Will Wait Upon The Lord
Grateful Ones
O Come All Ye Faithful
Holy and Annointed One


Kevin Parsons started a Men’s Ministry
24 hour prayer

A sense of community is instilled in humanity and Christianity
Ever been a complete fool in a crowd and a few people still embrace you?
1 Samuel 18-20
Keys to friendship
1. Consistent
18:3 loved him as his soul
Users – always networking, what’s in it for me
Your needs come second, their needs come first
Design was for friendship
Heart needs covenant relationships
Compassion, commitment…
Are we building relationships based on our own needs?
Real friends want to know your weaknesses
They gently correct you
Think of Jonathon…his needs disappeared to the background
Saw David’s role as the next King of Israel
Earned his father’s enmity by aligning himself with David
Loved him as his own soul
Stripped himself of his throne
Saw the call of God on David’s life
2. Vulnerability
Knows we’re not the hottest guy
It’s scary to be vulnerable
20:41 – David wept the most even though Jon sacrificed the most
How can we be this kind of friend?
Do you rejoice when our friends beat us?
Handed sword handle out
Because of Jonathon, David lived
John 15:12-15
That someone would lay down his life for his friends
David’s glory was realized by Jonathon’s sacrifices
Just like Jesus….He sacrificed all

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