The Rock Covenant Church

The Rock Church Worship Service

All Creatures Of Our God And King
Not To Us
Crown Him With Many Crowns
Anthem To The King
Our God

Matthew 11:4-6
Mark 6:14-29

Jesus does that remez thing where he quotes Old Testament
You are blessed when you are not bitter because of me
Left off “to proclaim freedom from the captives and freedom from darkness for the prisoner”
In other words yes, but your expectations are off
You’re also not going to get out of prison and your life will not end well

Have to constantly struggle with how to respond
That bitter sting that you feel
Deut 32:48-52
40 years of doing the right thing with very few slip and because of one of them, you can’t enter the promised land

King David, a man after God’s own heart
A lot of passion for sin as well (he was REALLY good at it)
Deep passion/dream to build a temple for God, but no, I’m going to give it to your son

Blessed when you surrender that bitterness

My favorite moment of Jesus is in John (21:20-22)
Where Peter asks about John, but Jesus says, what does it matter to you
As your friend, I want to help you discover your path
But it’s not my path to walk
Parents have parental expectations, to want their children to avoid the same mistakes
Maybe we just need to let them make those mistakes or their own mistakes
To love our kids and say “wow, that’s quite a pickle you’ve got there buddy”
The real point is to have the kids follow Jesus, isn’t it?
I’m assuming That’s why you’re here

Mary’s all in and then Mary’s all like “I didn’t sign up for this”
Human reactions

I don’t want my kids to suffer, to do stupid things; but they have to
I just want to enjoy my kids
Pain and suffering are our greatest teacher
They don’t have to prove themselves, to get defensive
There’s this peace about them

Following Jesus is a tough, difficult path
I don’t have to be up in front, I don’t have to know
If you look at these people and dig into their lives, you’ll find a moment when their dreams were dashed against the rocks, God gave the a new one

From our study of Philippians last year, we kept coming across this phrase of “the Christ pattern”
Take up your cross, your symbol of humiliation,and follow Him
“falling upwards” by Richard ????
“I pray that I would be humiliated once a day”
No don’t pray that!

I know that when I am humiliated, my false self rears it’s head
I get really defensive and want to run away
Why? Because my reputation is way too important to me and I think I’m awesome

When a person realizes “There are things in me that need to die, that need to go”

Is there something in your life, some truth that you’re blaming everybody else for? When really you need to blame yourself and deal with it?

What is that thing you have to die to?
Jesus gives life, not things

Blessed when you realize that Jesus has the final word on your life

I Surrender All

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