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A Non-Frivolous Lawsuit Against Amazon? Windows 7 Announcements? Apple Redoes Album Covers?

Kindle Users Sue Amazon Over Deleted Orwell Book – News and Analysis by PC MagazineAt first I thought this was a frivolous lawsuit, but the more I think about it, it’s really important.  Amazon may have refunded their money, but they very much did violate the users right to the device by reaching in and deleting the content…I mean the whole point of owning a device is so you can download content and keep it until YOU decide to get rid of it…not the company that created the device… Microsoft Unveils Win7 Family Pack, Upgrade Pricing – News and Analysis by PC MagazineI still think there’s too many versions of Windows, leading to confusion extraordinaire… Apple, Labels Stir Up Deluxe, Digital Cocktail – News and Analysis by PC MagazineIntriguing…most intriguing… FCC Demands Data on Blocked Google Voice Apps – News and Analysis by PC MagazineInteresting…but I can’t trust the government … Continue reading →

Warcraft Baseball and Narwhal v. Unicorn

Elephant Larry Presents: Con Air – Matt Melvin Tee hee… Personally, My Money’s On the Narwhal – Boing Boing YES! My money’s on the unicorn. 😉 Ahoy – BiblioLife Partners with International Talk Like Pirate Day | BiblioLife Woo hoo! Major League Azeroth [ENG sub] | Myndflame | Machinima Advanced, World of Warcraft, WoW, Illegal Danish Funny…

PC Magazine Updates

Firefox 3: 8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do – 5-8 – Solutions by PC Magazine I like the “Change default mail” one. That’s a handy tip since I’ve switched over to GMail (I love my iPhone!). Beyond the Call: Free iPhone Apps – Facebook for the iPhone – Full Review – Reviews by PC Magazine A very minimal look at some of the “great” iPhone apps that places a bit too much emphasis on the fact that the global economy sucks. The 10 Most Absurd Social Networks – Reviews by PC Magazine Bizarre…. Nero LiquidTV | TiVo PC – At A Glance – Reviews by PC Magazine This is nice…I just wish DirecTV would let me read my DVR from a PC.

Responses, Responses, Responses

I did a lot of critical thinking today and wanted to share it! The Towers live on … in movies & television, that is Jim asks us what we think about the Towers popping up in media. I think it is garbage to digitally remove ANYTHING from a film, whether it be to replace guns with walkie-talkies or remove buildings that are no longer standing in order to be politically correct. A film, just like a picture or any other kind of archival media, is a slice of space and time that is a precious representation of history. To edit it is to attempt to rewrite history…and THAT is sacrilegious. And in Disney’s case, to keep something from publication for political reasons is even MORE sacrilegious….I wish Disney would release the ABC docudrama “The Path To 9/11”. It was a brilliant miniseries that evenhandedly dealt blame on both sides of … Continue reading →

Interesting WordPress Hack

They attack the RSS feed rather than the actual post (RSS Spam Cometh? – GigaOM details how the spammers have moved to RSS since that’s what people are using), tagging the ends of posts with tons of porn links. They do this because they have the MYSQL password! And you thought your passwords where safe, didn’t you? One of the files WordPress reads in order to manage your blog has your password in a MD5 hash format(#5367 (WordPress cookie authentication vulnerability) – WordPress Trac – Trac), which the attacker picks out and plugs into one of his spam generating machines and voila! Spammer gets paid. Right now they’re just targeting the “Blogroll” category in WordPress, so I superimposed a subsequent “Blog Roll” category to replace it. <:-) >:-) <:-) >:-)

Obama Gets Battered and Praised, iPods and Global Warming

Apple and AT&T to launch iPhone 3G a lot sooner than we think? | The Boy Genius Report Duh duh duh!!!!! iPhone 2.0! ‘We may have a second Lincoln’: McGovern explains endorsement switch – Barack Obama | News from Presidential Candidates, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House Interesting….a black Lincoln…I’m not saying it’s impossible…. webcomics @ chainsawsuit by kris straub His blog led me to this (Video – Breaking News Videos from which just makes me crazy! It’s the damned racial double-standard (as Kris points out). We can say George Bush looks like a monkey, but we can’t say that Obama looks like a monkey? I don’t care if it’s a previous racial stereotype….you can’t reserve words like that…but that’s what minorities do with the encouragement of the liberal left. Crazy C Studios – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! Yay! Disney reference! Yay! LAist: An iPod … Continue reading →