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It’s my life and I’ll do what I want with it!

Birthday Extravaganza 2011

Hear all about Laura’s adventures with the Berry’s at Disneyland Pick up our picnic lunches with Yellow Zone World of Color Fast Passes (it’s still early? How did Blue Zone sell out already? 4th of July frenzy?) and feast on breakfast Blue Sky Cellar with Dad to show him some of the changes that are coming Check out Goofy’s Sky School and the new garden area (with really awesome band Odyssey) and get Sky School FastPasses Wander around the boardwalk shops, think about Toy Story Midway Mania and opt to do it later Get in line for Little Mermaid (only 30 minutes) Use FastPasses for Sky School Get frozen lemonades to battle the heat, but save them for later as we head for The Hollywood Tower Hotel Shopping in the hotel lobby after the ride, picking out a beautiful vintage shirt for Laura (has one of the now demolished posters … Continue reading →

Three Letter Pie (Or Why My Wife Is AMAZING)

The first time we randomly encountered WordWorld on public television while on vacation several years ago, we thought it was a very cute concept. Flash forward to the present where the entire series is available on Netflix Instant Watch. We had just recently completed the episode where Pig makes Three Letter Pie when my wife announces her intention to make said pie. Her pies are delicious, so I’m excited but not getting the connection. Soon enough, the pie is finished and she puts it on the cooling rack. I walk by and look at it and think, “Oh cute!”, but I still haven’t made the connection. She says that I’m not looking at it, so I look again and see this. Laura’s Homemade Three Letter Pie Pig’s Three Letter Pie (from Word World) Needless to say I immediately hug and kiss my wife (having FINALLY got it…I’m so slow sometimes). … Continue reading →

Disneyland – Kristina’s Birthday

Arrived at 4pm, parked in Woody 21C They were watching Jedi Academy and couldn’t hear us calling so we didn’t hook up with them until around 5pm Space Mountain – raced up the FastPass line and met up with them at the merging point Captain EO Pixie Hollow Indiana Pirates Haunted Mansion Oh it’s a dead guy

iPhone Upgrade Adventures (or Why AT&T Sucks)

My original, first generation iPhone was destroyed late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Laura and I had just worked at a friend’s wedding inside the San Diego Wild Animal Park and had just safely driven the 80 or so miles back to my house and I put my iPhone and iPod on the roof of Laura’s car while I grabbed the rest of my luggage (we had stayed the night in Escondido so we could attend the rehearsal/dinner the night before the wedding) and forgot to retrieve them before she left. About two minutes later I realized my mistake and realized I had to call Laura and get her back to me! But I couldn’t remember her phone number (damn speed dial)!!! And my computer had apparently lost power during the blackout we experienced while I was unloading luggage (a Westminster councilman was DUI and hit a car with three people…and … Continue reading →

Flight Thoughts (7/5/9)

Superman Movie Who wrote the music? Was DC inspired by the movie to turn Kandor into New Krypton? Why was it SOOOO melodramatic??? Of course human machines can’t read aliens just because they look physiologically similar…yeesh… Immaculate Baking Co “Bikes” Jimmy Lee Sudduth Does Grease have an ultimate home release DVD/Blu-Ray with the original songs? *tear* Palin resigns and MSNBC says that it’s a bad move – no track record VP Biden says Obama misread the economy Michael Jackson – insomnia + diprivan (anasthetic/knock out drug)…Anna Nicole Smith style ZUCA suitcase – wheels, 5 removable pouches, square flat top that supports humans


After dancing, dinner and dancing to Rumble Kings in the Build-A-Bear Plaza of Downtown Disney, we headed inside to catch some more dancing (again we had the horrible choice between Rumble Kings, Gary Tole AND Scot Bruce…why does Disney hate us so?). As we headed through the bag check, I had an amusing conversation with a supervisor who was opening up a side gate in order to create a no-bag line, which I told her was brilliant. As we avoided firework traffic patterns by ducking through the Main Street boutiques, we happened to run into our friends Rebecca and Charley who had impulsively heeded Disneyland’s call and driven up from San Diego. Not to say we didn’t know they were there, we just had…trouble communicating…yeah…that’s it. We chatted with them for a while and then left them to shop and head back to their hotel room (they were tired earlier … Continue reading →

CTX S501A Troubleshoot Key Lock

So I can’t turn the monitor on or off. There is a Key Lock display when you plug the AC cord in. The internet is less than helpful. All I can find is some forum post reply that says push two buttons or hold down ESC and ENTER when powering the monitor on…yeah, THAT sounds like a good idea. So let’s push random combinations of buttons on the monitor until somethig happens… EUREKA! Volume Up key + Auto key = Key Lock toggle on/off

Election Day 2008

President McCain/Palin – The True Name of Barack Obama’s Change: Intolerance But whoever wins, I intend to fully support the American President. Cuz they’re not going to bulldoze Disneyland. The prices may skyrocket and I may be too poor to afford an annual pass – but it will still be there. Prop 8 I’ve come to the conclusion that homosexuality is (generally speaking) not a choice. Most homosexuals don’t choose to be homosexuals…that’s just how God made them. With that conclusion, I have no choice but to vote no on 8 because otherwise I’m discriminating against a group of people. And that’s unconstitutional (why is California still voting on this issue? ;)). What the Bible Says – And Doesn’t Say – About Homosexuality

Walt Disney World Vacation

8 days in Florida – August 23rd – August 30th August 23rd – Saturday – Flight to Orlando via Phoenix and New Orleans Wendy’s drive through Elaborate presentation to hook us on to a timeshare/condo presentation Wendy’s and The Full Monty August 24th – Sunday – Relax Day off – no theme parks, just a timeshare/condo presentation sale + free breakfast + discounted Arabian Nights tickets (Medieval Times with more horses) Exploration, gather our wits, buy supplies, watch movies (Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day) We also (?) headed to the Grand Floridian to discover the magic of “Self Parking” where-in you can park your car just a short walk from the Grand Floridian Hotel’s Monorail station which can take you to the Magic Kingdom or the Ticket and Transportation Center, where you can catch another monorail to EPCOT or buses to any of the theme parks, water parks, shopping … Continue reading →