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I’m no Rupert Murdoch, but sometimes things happening on the global stage are interesting.

Obama Gets Battered and Praised, iPods and Global Warming

Apple and AT&T to launch iPhone 3G a lot sooner than we think? | The Boy Genius Report Duh duh duh!!!!! iPhone 2.0! ‘We may have a second Lincoln’: McGovern explains endorsement switch – Barack Obama | News from Presidential Candidates, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House Interesting….a black Lincoln…I’m not saying it’s impossible…. webcomics @ chainsawsuit by kris straub His blog led me to this (Video – Breaking News Videos from which just makes me crazy! It’s the damned racial double-standard (as Kris points out). We can say George Bush looks like a monkey, but we can’t say that Obama looks like a monkey? I don’t care if it’s a previous racial stereotype….you can’t reserve words like that…but that’s what minorities do with the encouragement of the liberal left. Crazy C Studios – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! Yay! Disney reference! Yay! LAist: An iPod … Continue reading →

Heath Ledger Dead at 28

Details come in about Heath Ledger’s death AFP: Actor Heath Ledger is found dead I guess this means the Joker doesn’t get more than 1 reprise in the Batman universe without replacing him again.  [sigh]   Or did they film a death scene for the Joker and an imprisonment in Arkham scene and will now change to the death scene?  It will be very interesting to see.  His talent will be missed though.  This is a great loss for the creative community. 

John Ziegler Targets Hillary and Gets Roasted By The Mainstream Media

Stolen from the John Ziegler Mailing List (this is what you’re missing). I am writing because I wanted to share something REALLY strange/funny that occurred at/after a Fred Thompson campaign rally that MC ed this weekend.While warming up the crowd I made a couple of (very well received) jokes about Hillary Clinton. The first one can be heard that the very end of a clip that can be seen here: It created a mini firestorm among the national media as they tried to follow the story line of how wonderfully Hillary handled the hostage situation. The worst of the coverage (and the best version of PART of the “offending” joke) came from Fox News Here: Here is what ABC did: And Fox was even worse:,2933,314502,00.html The CBS Evening News did this (taking the joke TOTALLY out of context): And the REALLY funny part is the … Continue reading →

Stay In The Womb, *** Bless America,

I was browsing new e-mails and came across this line at the bottom of the monthly Myspace Newsletter. “The Onion, America’s Finest News Source, now allows you to view groundbreaking video clips and listen to hard-hitting radio reports on MySpace, and for the old-fashioned paragraph aficionados, The Onion even offers news articles. Get the world’s best reporting without leaving the womb-like confines of MySpace!” Am I supposed to be happy that Myspace is womb-like? *sideways glance* It Takes an Eagle Scout … to Protect Faith in the People’s House – HUMAN EVENTS This is a fascinating story about the government trying to take God out of our history. Last time I checked, history censorship was a really bad idea. But I also want to say something about the deeper impact of this story: why it’s happening, what I think it means, etc. I don’t want my money to say “In … Continue reading →

West Side Story Injuries (Detail)

Thursday night (3 performances left) during the opening number, I started a move, went up on my left toe and came down to a crouched position….when I did, something popped in my left knee….the choreography had me jumping back up a half second later (longest half second of my life), but the damage was done. I made it through the rest of the show alright and saw the chiropractor in the morning. Luckily I had just hyper-extended it, so the muscles were a little stiff, but prone to damage, so I did the next show with a knee brace. Then during that show, I bruised my right thumb during “Cool” (I have to support myself/push myself up with my hands during the show and I did it wrong). I saw the chiropractor again the morning after, but there was very little to do except ice it and use it as … Continue reading →

Ted Kennedy En Espanol

I can’t really put into words how much disappointment I have in America that Ted Kennedy is still a US senator. Even more proof that he’s unqualified for his post, he recently went on Piolin Por La Manana, a Spanish radio program (I’m told that Piolin’s immigration status is still in question) and sang part of Jalisco No Te Rajes. Want to hear him slaughter Spanish? Here’s the YouTube link. The following is lyrics and translations (roughly) that I found online. Title: Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes Title: Ay! Jalisco don’t break your promise Ay! Jalisco, Jalisco, Jalisco, Tu tienes tu novia que es Guadalajara, You have your sweetheart who is Guadalajara, Muchacha bonita, la perla mas rara de todo Jalisco es mi Guadalajara. Pretty girl, the rarest pearl of all Jalisco is my Guadalajara. Ay! Jalisco no te rajes Ay! Jalisco don’t break your promise Me sale del alma … Continue reading →

A Herculean Effort and Indy Reduced

Snarkmarket: Behold, the Austrian Avatar of Poseidon’s Son When will Schwarzenegger move on? At least we’re enjoying our time with him as best we can…. From The Desk of Ghent | Indy — Not Integral to the Plot Ghent shares a fascinating tidbit from comic savant Peter David (who does a mean Kermit the Frog impression).

Hellboy Animated Statuette, 43 Folders Meets GTD and Dragon Validation

Pre-Order your Sideshow Exclusive Hellboy Character Key now! OOOO! I wish I wasn’t poor with no place to display this… 🙁 43 Folders podcasts with Getting Things Done author David Allen – Boing Boing Not all interruptions are a bad thing? Like this blog? :p Mike Davidson – Drag N’ Validate Mighty powerful dreams….never out of reach….ok fine, I have no idea what they’re talking about. Leave me alone! :p