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Birthday Extravaganza 2011

Hear all about Laura’s adventures with the Berry’s at Disneyland Pick up our picnic lunches with Yellow Zone World of Color Fast Passes (it’s still early? How did Blue Zone sell out already? 4th of July frenzy?) and feast on breakfast Blue Sky Cellar with Dad to show him some of the changes that are coming Check out Goofy’s Sky School and the new garden area (with really awesome band Odyssey) and get Sky School FastPasses Wander around the boardwalk shops, think about Toy Story Midway Mania and opt to do it later Get in line for Little Mermaid (only 30 minutes) Use FastPasses for Sky School Get frozen lemonades to battle the heat, but save them for later as we head for The Hollywood Tower Hotel Shopping in the hotel lobby after the ride, picking out a beautiful vintage shirt for Laura (has one of the now demolished posters … Continue reading →

Disneyland – Kristina’s Birthday

Arrived at 4pm, parked in Woody 21C They were watching Jedi Academy and couldn’t hear us calling so we didn’t hook up with them until around 5pm Space Mountain – raced up the FastPass line and met up with them at the merging point Captain EO Pixie Hollow Indiana Pirates Haunted Mansion Oh it’s a dead guy

Houseboating on Lake Shasta

Last Sunday through Thursday I went house boating with Laura and her extended maternal family. Saturday night I crashed at Laura’s house in Redondo Beach so we could take one car from Redondo (25 miles closer to Shasta). Sunday morning we were up at 6am and left the house by 7 to start. We chose the 101 over the 5 because it’s prettier and so we could stop in Paso Robles and visit the A&W Restaurant with carhop service. We got to Paso Robles around 1pm and slowly cruised down “main street” looking for the restaurant. Unable to find it, we scoured the web with my iPhone and found that they tore it down to build a bank. Boo! So we stopped at a Tastee Freeze for burgers and ice cream. Then we headed back on the road. As we approached Gilroy and highway 152 (which we used to get … Continue reading →

Brief Recap of My Birthday Extravaganza

Disneyland for a Monte Cristo sandwich at the Cafe Orleans, then an hour fifteen wait for the subs. Then go home, get all dressed up and truck it out to LA for Maxwell Demille’s Cicada Club party/bash/thing. Robert Picardo (the Doctor from Star Trek Voyager) sang a couple of songs and he wasn’t bad actually. His first “set” was “Swinging on a Star” and “San Fernando Valley”, so he gets like 50,000 bonus points right there because those are two freaking awesome songs that I absolutely love. Then I accidentally kicked him later while doing 20’s charleston – oops! He also made a great star trek joke about three gay Klingons – Maxene, Patty, and LaVerne (The Andrews Sisters) before singing either “Drinking Rum and Coke” or some song along those lines. Richard Halpern Awesome performer – oh mammy!/muquin Rusty Frank was great tap dancing all over the place, the … Continue reading →


So yesterday was my friend Eli’s birthday (he works at Atomic) and we all went out after team rehearsals to celebrate…at IHOP. Woo hoo! Go Irvine night life! Anyways, we were there chatting and having a good time, when Trisha starts a game (as it were). She asks Eli to recall his favorite birthday party. Then we each got to talk about our favorites. Mine was a little mashed up from a couple of the parties I had, but it was one where I had a party at my house and upstairs was this huge table covered in Legos and then there was a large pizza and ice cream cake outside and we buried and dug up faux artifacts. That would probably be the best one on record, although my 19th was pretty sweet: Dad drove me up to Los Angeles to see a live taping of the Dennis Miller … Continue reading →