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The Rock Covenant Church

The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul coda coda Katie Continuing services at 4pm Youth group will kick off fall 2014/2015 season on September 12th Men’s ministry, BBQ at Milewski home Wednesday September 10th Women’s ministry Tuesday bible studies Tuesday morning at the Grimes home, every (other) Tuesday night at the Jones home Still need more people in our All Hands On Deck Paul 2nd time speaking within a month, that may qualify as a sermon series If I were to give it a title, it might be Issues That I Am Struggling With Last week was the persecuted church This week I was drawn to topic of evangelism When I picture evangelist, I see a big sweaty guy in a suit, mopping his sweaty brow with a handkerchief, pronouncing God “God-duh” … Eu which means good and angelous which means messenger 15 And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the … Continue reading →

The Outsiders – The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Jon Luke 14:1-14 The Pharisees were in charge of rules of hospitality, etc Break those and you weren’t blessed by God Moving from synagogue to Sabbath meal It’s a continuation, not a switch If you take these practices and apply them to us today We receive hospitality from God We also get together to remind one another of God’s goodness and His grace After 6 days we come together to rest If you’re a human being you probably had some stress Conflict with other human beings If you’re around people, your hearts take hits Worship and meal is God’s hospitality to us Extending it back to the people around you Sabbath is about feeling God’s presence I like being with you all Sharing life with people I care about I need you and I need you to remind me that God is good to you, remind me to say … Continue reading →

The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul chorus Jon Manoj and Alexis were approved to be adopters last Wednesday…3 Y.O. daughter to be named Ellis Todalu, 1 Y.O. son to be named Micah Gamachu Fri Jan 23 6pm Joint fellowship with other churches Journey of faith this week Need volunteers Sat training at kings harbor 1-4pm Volunteered the church to sell soda/snacks Talking about the church Being “us” Next week Grace will talk about how we all fit in Plumb line??? Center in on what church is Built of bodies, not bricks (Paul) Satan has made it ok to “go” to church But then we can leave We need to be the church everywhere Paul Duncan is a Titans fan Home colors? Red, white and blue Away colors? Same…touché Tension about what the church says Church shouldn’t be exclusive but inclusive Don’t care what you’ve done wrong or right…just that you want to pursue God Pro-life … Continue reading →