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The Rock Church Worship Service (Unplugged)

Jon Hoping you feel God’s presence tonight Paul Who God is isn’t diminished by our lack of comfort Stephen Party at Rubio’s tonight for youth group Jon The book of James can be very clear and precise Didn’t know the kids would be here and I’m going to talk about suffering… A little heavy As I was walking throughout this I felt a little inadequate for talking about human suffering So I’m working on this sermon and my phone rings – it’s Ernie, my dad My father, grandfather and father-in-law usually make their way into my sermons – three father figures that have really influenced me So I’m thinking about not picking up the phone because I’m working on the sermon, but I pick up anyways and say, “Dad I have a question for you.” No formal greeting, no “Hi, how are you?” I asked him what did we have … Continue reading →

The Book of James (Part 1) – The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul (O Israel) Stephen Youth Group Bake Sale this week Rubio’s next week Women’s Retreat Paul Jon New series on the book of James Overview tonight, launch it next week V.1-4 Interesting book Wisdom literature Case law Tie the practices of the scripture and apply them to your life These beliefs will raise questions about how we apply them Moves to the here and now How should we be living this life that God has called us to If we are a people that believe in the resurrection, how does that change how we view other people? When I become a Christian it’s more than a ticket to Heaven It’s entrance to a community, called the church Church like a laboratory Not about status and position, but relationship Can’t stay in comfort circles, have to expand in the family of God How does my belief in the resurrection affect me? … Continue reading →