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Part Alpha

HURRY, HURRY, HURRY,   STEP RIGHT UP! Ladies und gentlemen, welcome to the North Pole   This is where I ramble on and on about life and random things in particular. You never realize how meaningless your life is until you view it in the perspective of a rancid squirrel on heroin. First we’re going to start with a word association game. I’m going to type a word and then I’m going to type the first word that comes to mind. Religion : Methodist. Marital Status : Taken. Style : Hetero. Sex : Yes please, no wait. Mail. No wait, ummm, is this a trick question? N-E-ways I am a very peculiar individual, in that I listen to any type of music except for Latin, because I studied the Spanish language for 2 years now (well, technically it’s two and a half years cuz I failed my second year and … Continue reading →