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The Princess And The Frog – AMC 12 Downtown Disney, Anaheim, CA

YES! That’s what sums up this movie at the end of the day for me – it was such a wonderful experience to watch that I can barely express it! I mean it’s New Orleans jazz! It’s Goliath the Gargoyle singing, dancing and casting voodoo spells! It’s got Jim Cummings as an adorable, endearing Cajun firefly – reusing his Jambalaya Jake from Darkwing Duck voice! It’s got a story that rips your heart out, stomps it all over the floor, laughs at you, and then perfectly sews it back up and makes you laugh with joy! Rule Number One of the bayou – never ask directions from a gator. I got confused by the typography, geography…choreography! Gator down! Look in the gumbo! I’ve been looking for you all morning! What a coincidence! I’ve been avoiding you all morning! Disney is doing a decent and amazingly fun thing by tying in … Continue reading →