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Japanese Crime Fighting, Shrek 26, and Notlob…I Mean Bolton

Jim Hill : DreamWorks plans on kicking its “Shrek” franchise into ogre-drive with next year’s “Shrek the Halls” holiday special When are entertainment companies going to learn that being a one-trick pony isn’t good enough? Probably when Shrek 3 doesn’t succeed at the box office as much as Shrek 2 did. I mean come on…Broadway?!?! Forget it. I will listen to the soundtrack (Jeanine Tessori wrote Thoroughly Modern Millie!), but I most likely won’t see it. The First Six Minutes Of TENACIOUS D: THE PICK OF DESTINY Is Online?! Cool…viral marketing…. AICN’s debut of Pixar and Brad Bird’s RATATOUILLE One-Sheet!!! I cannot wait for this movie…the trailer is hilarious and the plot looks delicious. SPIDER-MAN 3 designs? Venom? Sandman? Green Goblin 2.0? – Yup, but now they’re gone! Tis’ a shame…but if AICN likes it, it’s good enough for me… New Spider-Man 3 Trailer to Debut on MTV! Cool…but do … Continue reading →

Clerks 2

This is the greatest movie Kevin Smith has made since…the next one. Every time I watch one of his films, it really brings home a point I love to extol: director’s who write their own material create “good” movies. Now when I say good, I don’t necessarily mean movies that everyone loves, but films that tell a particular story or that make a particular point or a particular commentary about life. Also, every single one of his movies has touched me in some way…except for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back…that movie was basically Kevin Smith’s love letter to his dedicated fans. As much as Kevin Smith likes to talk trash and say that he’s just writing dick and fart joke movies, he really does reach out to us. That’s why I’m a bit upset with one thing in his list of tributes at the end of the movie, “Jersey … Continue reading →

Schoolyard Politics, Ratatoille in Quicktime HD and Star Wars Rocks Out

Arad Implies The New HULK Movie Is Not A Sequel But…A Redux!?!? Arad nails it on the head when he says it wasn’t the comic. Ang Lee made it a broader movie? More like a Greek tragedy than a comic book movie? What the hell was he thinking?!?! Star Wars Makes an Appearance at the MTV Movie Awards Very cool… Holy Fromage!!! RATATOUILLE is in Glorious Quicktime HD!!! This is the most beautiful trailer from Pixar since…since the next one. The Weinstein Company’s Remake of THE SEVEN SAMURAI has a star and a screenwriter! I agree…must we keep remaking everything? The only remake’s I agree with anymore are ones where you can benefit from new technology (mostly CGI) to make the author’s vision even more breathtaking. Download of the Day: Ghostzilla – Lifehacker Intriguing new browser that you can embed into other programs…not quite sure I’d use it, but it … Continue reading →

One-On-One With Cyclops, Adventures With The Claw and Upcoming Films

How to win a prize at the claw machine – Lifehacker Tips and tricks. CNN.com – Boy stuck in supermarket game – Jan. 8, 2004 He crawled into the claw machine…how messed up is that? He really wanted that one toy… AICN-DOWNUNDER: Geoffrey Wright’s MACBETH, A POSEIDON Sinking, A STAR WARS Letdown, And More!! Star Wars Laser Disc Rips…BOOO!!!! Bad Lucas, bad! Jack Black scores Kate Winslet… Jude Law scores Cameron Diaz… in THE HOLIDAY! This movie looks like a lot of fun…Nancy Myers has that rare gift in making a straight romantic comedy a little fun. True, Something’s Gotta Give was very quirky and a little strange, but What Women Want was phenomenal and I’m basically willing to give her another chance. Merrick Says “Yippee Kai Yay!” To The DIE HARD 4.0 Script!! Fox dredges the UNDERWORLD for their director on DIE HARD 4.0! Come on now…Indy 4, Die … Continue reading →

More Disney Shorts, More Star Wars Releases and Film Comparisons/Delays

Jim Hill : Wouldn’t it be cool if … …the Walt Disney Feature Animation division went back into the business of animated shorts? MORE RUNAWAY BRAIN! Hooray! Yikes… more OT STAR WARS DVD details have been released and Quint goes on a little rant… So the original un-messed with trilogy, eh? Han will shoot first again! But is it worth it? I already own 4 copies of the films (VHS recorded from TV, VHS remastered black case, VHS digital special edition gold case, DVD digital special edition silver case)…do I really need a 5th and then a 6th (HD, Blu-ray, whoever wins). Capone grills Andy Garcia on THE LOST CITY, Cuba, OCEAN’S 13 and mucho mas!!! Yay for Andy Garcia. He’s a good actor in many ways. I guess I will see Ocean’s 13…I just hope there’s a better story than 12. UPDATED: Narnia’s PRINCE CASPIAN leaps to Summer 2008! … Continue reading →

The Wi-Fi Revolution, XP on Mac and…Terminator 4?!?

The Wi-Fi Revolution San Francisco AND Santa Monica are starting up their own free wireless access. This is fascinating, as I was pondering the idea just the other day. Maybe they all saw Firewall and thought, “Gee, wouldn’t that be great if it were real?” But to the news at hand: The Official Google Blog deals with San Francisco since the city dealt with Google and Earthlink and whines about the deficiency in current WiFi technology….maybe he should look forward to the new N-standard tech from Linksys and Netgear (courtesy of Maximum PC). San Francisco may be the most progressive city in the world, but they also have the highest smug emissions (God Bless South Park!). The news details are over here. And then there’s the news of the entirely city-funded wi-fi hotspotting in Santa Monica…did somebody lose a bet? Why is a city doing something intelligent and good for … Continue reading →

Canada Culls Seals, Han Is Better Than Luke and Another Link Is Found For Evolution

Inventory: Seven Songs With Factual Or Logical Mistakes In The Lyrics | The A.V. Club Factually inaccurate, eh? Of course these aren’t the only ones, but he does a good analysis. The Dilbert Blog: Smoking in Cars Fascinating comments on another aspect of rude behavior. Snarkmarket: Frankly This Is Just Chick Lit for Huge, Huge Nerds This looks very interesting…but I love the Barnum graphic novel where he’s working for the Secret Service and they’re fighting Nikola Tesla who’s trying to conquer the world…so funny. Rooster Teeth Productions: Breaking the Law This just makes me laugh…but the administration does have a point I think…the shirt is kind of provocative and not just an inside joke like some of the other shirts…dangerous, but funny. Column from PC Magazine: A Telematics Revolution This is absolutely fascinating…I experienced something like this with my laptop on a recent trip (my laptop with Microsoft Streets … Continue reading →

V For Vendetta

This movie was absolutely fantastic. I didn’t read the original graphic novel (available in your local comic shop or booksellers and WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT) until I saw the trailer, but the story is relatively easy to comprehend…it’s all about one man’s quest for power and another man’s quest to defeat him. Despite the seemingly obvious political connections behind movies like this and like Good Night and Good Luck, I’m absolutely fascinated by them. The connection is fairly obvious, but they both show it to different degrees and in different environments. It’s about people creating and maintaining a state of crisis so as to maintain power. Hell, it’s what’s so fascinating about the politics of the Star Wars saga. It’s just all so beautiful. It’s also what happens when something is taken to it’s logical (no matter how radical) extreme and clearly demonstrates the danger of extremism in any and … Continue reading →

Viruses Invade Radio Frequency Hardware and George Lucas Reveals The Plans For His New Empire

Rebuilding authorities slam developer for talk breakdown WHY!?!? This is just another infuriating aspect of what I talked about the other day. This… is getting ridiculous. Just build it already! Pixar’s sale to Disney keeping bloggers busy – Orlando Sentinel I thought this was going to talk about other sites, but it’s focusing on the Re-Imagineering blog which in itself is fascinating. So cool to watch imaginative people discuss the place that holds a special place in my heart The Dilbert Blog: Constitutional or Not Scott Adams went and opened another can of worms…except this one is a lot more potent than slamming religion and evolution…people REALLY get passionate about politics… TIME.com: A Conversation with George Lucas — Page 1 Interesting…but can we trust this guy anymore? I mean…Greedo shooting first… BBC NEWS | Technology | Viruses leap to smart radio tags Can this hold the technology back? What about … Continue reading →

Star Wars Saga Question

When watching the saga in order, does the movie seem more drawn out during the original trilogy when they are giving exposition on things we already have seen or understand in greater detail? Does this detract from the viewing experience? For example the whole first one and a half part of the original trilogy tries to hide the fact that Anakin is Vader. This doesn’t translate well when watching the entire saga in order because by the time you get to the original, Anakin has been turned into Vader and it’s not a surprise to us anymore…actually a lot of the movie, where Luke is learning things we already know because of the prequels, becomes boring from our perspective…you get bored sitting there listening to Obi-Wan explain Anakin/Vader’s history to Luke because we already know all of it…I guess that was a gamble Lucas just had to make to tell … Continue reading →