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Matrices – AMC 30 @ The Block, Orange, CA

Matrix Reloaded blew me away. I saw it on May 15th, the quote-unquote opening day, although the real fun was at those piss-ant, jerk-water “special engagements” which I just don’t buy into . . . unless it’s Star Wars. But anyways . . . I saw it at 12:15 PM at AMC 30 at the City Block of Orange. On a side note, while there I saw a poster advertising THE PUNISHER by Marvel and Artisan coming in 2004. Anyways, to see it at 12:15 PM on a Thursday has to mean that school was either canceled or I had a “doctor’s appointment”. Which do you think it was? So I walk into one of the big four theatres at the Block and back against the wall in horror. I am 45 minutes early for the show and the theatre is . . . empty! I grab a seat and … Continue reading →