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Anything Goes – Laguna Beach High School

A delightful production of Cole Porter’s musical stone soup (nearly every song in the 1986 version that everyone does is from a different Cole Porter musical; the original Anything Goes is called the Beaumont version and is very rarely done), the kids of Laguna Beach High School do a fantastic job with a high school arts budget (even if it is a south Orange County high school arts budget). Laura grew up learning a lot about boats and apparently the running lights were backwards – the green light is supposed to indicate the starboard (right) side of the ship and the red light is supposed to indicate the port (left) side of the ship. Of course this really doesn’t affect the caliber of the production, but it’s a great conversation piece!

Sweeney Todd – Musical Theatre West

Phenomenal!!! I walked out of the theatre like. giddy fan boy! This musical is almost tied with Urinetown as the show I’ve seen the most (I’ve seen 5 different productions of Urinetown and now 4 of Sweeney – once with Norman Large (EEEE) at Riverside Community Theatre; once with John Massey Jr directing, musical directing and starring as Sweeney at STAGEStheatre; and once at the Ahmanson with it’s Tony-award winning “artistic” rendition). Does the movie count as the fifth time? ;-D This was hands-down one of the best large stage productions of Sweeney Todd I’ve ever seen. The set design, the lighting, the dancing, the singing, the acting – it’s all absolutely phenomenal. It’s no small wonder that the director (who has been in several productions of Sweeney as The Beadle – including the first National Tour) was able to pull this off, but even today it’s still a masterful … Continue reading →

Xanadu – OCPAC

Down To Earth (1947) was a spiritual sequel to the film Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941, which in itself was remade twice – the 1978 Heaven Can Wait and the 2001 Down To Earth). The plot was recycled in 1980 to create the movie musical Xanadu as a vehicle for Olivia Newton-John that has now been adapted into a hilariously self-referential musical. enjoyed Xanadu @OCPAC – it was..interesting. Yay for walk-on role! Lots of comedy and good one-liners! Very small cast and orchestra…(http://twitter.com/bullfrog117/status/6989842010) According to Laura, the movie had about half good songs (written for Olivia Newton-John and fit her range) and the other half not-so good (that didn’t fit her voice). The musical keeps the good songs and extends it with brand new songs that perfectly fit the story.

The Christmas Music Of Mannheim Steamroller – OCPAC

Video Intro/Announcement by Chip Davis saying due to recent neck surgery he can’t play for a while (and in which he stomps fake snow off of his pristine white sneakers) Act 1: Hallelujah Band Introductions by Ron Cooley Feliz Navidad Deck The Halls We Three Kings Catching Snowflakes On Your Tongue Messengers Of Christmas Away In A Manager Faeries Good King Wenceslas White Christmas Act 2 – This is where the fun really started – the video screen stayed lowered and they played a Renaissance Christmas feast on the upper portion while you could see the band through the bottom half of the scrim: Gagliarda In Dulci Jublio Wassail, Wassail (which is a hot mulled cider) Carol Of The Birds (projected images of large flocks of birds) I Saw Three Ships Video cast member shouts out, “Hey Chip! How about something we can dance to?!” God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen … Continue reading →

The Alley Cats Christmas Show – Curtis Theatre, Brea, CA

Absolutely hilarious! With some very poignant melodies and humbling harmonies (especially the Luther Vandross arrangement of O Come All Ye Faithful with the Alley Cats Litterbox Choir), The Alley Cats are in rare form as always (they ARE America’s premier doo-woo group), and Toby, Juan, Mando, and Royce have a great time singing (Let It Snow * Bohemian Rgapsody – o mama mia let it snow), dancing (CHINESE FIRE DRILL!! and OMG Single Ladies) and heckling each other for two solid hours of entertainment. Oh yeah, and I got to stand on stage and sing “Five golden rings” while being decorated as a Christmas tree. 😀

Spring Awakening – OCPAC

Spring Awakening – OCPAC It’s Rent but with German La Boheme influences! Talkback with (some of) the actors Ilse Moritz Hanschen Swing (Krista Pioppi) Wendla Talkbacks need question screeners – No self-undulating praise rambles – No gushing adoration for the cast – No “how to be an actor” questions My question: Did you have any inhibitions mounting this production?

Mary Poppins – Ahmanson Theatre

Wow…Ashley Brown AND Gavin Lee! Absolutely amazing performances! I love how Bert is completely in control of the set and lighting – at least when Mary lets him. During “Jolly Holliday”, a couple in the chorus were wearing the film version costumes! Well at least Dick Van Dyke’s costume…Julie Andrews’ costume was trimmed down (at best). I really like Mary and Bert’s costumes (pink dress and purple tux – but not pimpish…English). She actually said supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards! And so did Bert! And then they spelled it out! To be fair I’m quite fond of Ms. Andrews’ recitation and Mr. Van Dyke’s “indubitably”. No loving to laugh? No man with a wooden leg named Smith? Sure I’m satisfied with the show’s conclusion, I just love that song. Similar fate for the Dawes, Tomes, Mousely, Grubbs, Fidelity Fiduciary Bank and Stay Awake. I like the replacement …I just miss it. OMG!!! Step … Continue reading →