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Sucker Punch – Incline Village Cinema, NV

This film is absolutely phenomenal! We first became aware of this film as a series of posters in the theatre lobby when Laura and I went to see Green Hornet, and it looked like fun (sexy girls with advanced weaponry in fantasy/sci-fi environments). Then we watched the trailer and I was completely blown away and couldn’t wait to see it. Actually I desperately wanted to know more about it, but luckily my wife was able to curb my need for spoilers. And of course seeing that it was a Zack Snyder production automatically made it a definitely-worth-seeing flick (based on my appreciation for his handling of 300 and Watchmen – I can’t WAIT to see what he and Christopher Nolan cook up for Superman). Apparently this is based on an original story by Zack Snyder, which makes this all the more interesting – we’ve seen how he handles other comic … Continue reading →

Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time – Premiere Cinema 11, Galveston, TX

Directed by Mike Newell (Harry Potter 5), music by Harry Gregson-Williams (Chronicles of Narnia). Very enjoyable. Little kid free running + big kid free running. I never played Prince of Persia (preferred Assassins Creed), but story looks like fun (if adaptation is loyal).

Kingdom Hearts 2

1000 heartless was easy at Level 32…I even got to level 33! The game is fascinating! My only complaint is the seeming lack of…something in the worlds. My biggest complaint is the movies. They deviate just by bits and pieces from the original and it drives me nuts! I mean the voice acting is fine and almost spot on for the most part. But Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Mulan…they all made me go watch the real movies because…well it must be because I’m anal-retentive or something, but I had to have that real experience…the other levels were fine because it’s more of an homage than a direct replaying of it. That’s what the problem is…they’re trying to duplicate the movie line for line and they’re failing, but the game overall succeeds by using the characters and letting you interact with them in a new story. That is the … Continue reading →