Prom Problems

This time, I’m going to do things right. You see, this weekend is my senior prom. I’m a senior in high school and it’s at the Disneyland Hotel, so I’m pretty excited. But this year is quite different. Let me lay out the way last year’s prom went.

I’m a junior, my girl’s a senior. We have these two friends who are seniors and are thinking about renting a limo. The catch is they want to split the cost with someone. So we hook up and all chip in money to take a limo ride to prom. Dinner’s covered because they guy’s grandpa is a gourmet chef. Next is the tuxedo. My mom takes me to the formal wear at Sear’s where I pick out a zoot suit. I get measured, pay for it, and go home. My dad orders the corsage for me (I mean, I’m just too young for all of this… I’m only 17 years old!) and we pick it up the day of prom. Day before that, we pick up the tux. I try it on and I look snazzy! So Mom (naturally) wants pictures. But today is also Alyssa’s (my sister) day for pictures at our dance studio (Orange County Song & Dance Company). So we head over there and I get dressed and pose for the camera. The nice thing about this guy (the photographer) is that he jokes around with you to no end. It gets just the right kind of smile for the picture. So, now it’s time for prom.

We drive to the friends house, figure out where we are going, then meet at the grandpa’s house. We sit down for an elegant dinner…with our parents hovering around and snapping photos. It’s so weird. So we get dinner and it’s, drum-roll please, gourmet shrimp! This will come in later. We finish dinner and dessert and go out back to take some more pictures. Then the limo arrives. My mom hands me this gift basket that we can enjoy during the ride. Included is candy, soda, and disposable cameras. We had brought videos in hope of watching TV during the ride, but something went wrong and we didn’t. So we grabbed the disposable cameras and had…FLASH WARS!

We get there and get in line to enter. Suddenly, the gourmet shrimp start fighting my lower intestine and I have to go to the bathroom…NOW! I politely excuse myself and head to the bathroom. I had to go twice more during the evening. Apparently gourmet shrimp doesn’t like my biological makeup. I felt like such a jerk leaving my girl and having to go take care of myself. Not only that, I had just shaved before leaving, and my mole was bleeding onto my tux. We’re off to a great start aren’t we. But beyond that, it was a most enjoyable evening. We had planned on going bowling afterwards, but we decided Downtown Disney would be better. Right. The mall was closed for the evening and a cop escorted us back to the limo. So we just went home.

But this year’s going to be different. Tux from Sear’s again, purchased the corsage on my own, and since I have my license now I will be driving my girl to prom…in my mom’s CRV. Well it’s better then taking her in my stick shift Honda Accord, isn’t it? Anyways, it’s not much of a drive since she lives about three miles west of Disneyland. So I’m going to pick her up at about 6:00 PM (the dance starts at 8) and get her to the hotel for our 6:30 reservation at Granville’s Steakhouse. Then it’s on to the dance and then home safely by 12:30, or there abouts. I’m excited! How about you?

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