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Assassin’s “Fixer Upper” proves that Bob Iger isn’t a Szechuan aberration

A co-worker was poking around Google Maps and stumbled upon this unusual, yet practical demonstration of chromatic aberration (Wikipedia). Us Weekly | ‘Fixer Upper’ Was Presenting a ‘Security Issue’ for Chip, Joanna Gaines So beautiful! I’ve only seen the show a handful of times, but the hosts always struck me as genuinely good people and this only confirms it in my mind. PC Gamer | For better or worse, Assassin’s Creed: Origins is an RPG now This very much whets my appetite for more. 27 October can’t get here fast enough! Polygon | Disney chief was consulted about decision to kill Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens I don’t know why, but this feels like Iger trying to (unneccesarily) prove that he’s a mover / shaker or something. Polygon | Rick and Morty fans, McDonald’s is bringing back Szechuan sauce This is very amusing to me. I don’t … Continue reading →

Hairspray and Serenity/Firefly

So yeah, I saw it on Monday, but I’m finally getting around to reviewing it…so sue me, sue me, what can ya do me? Hairspray was a lot of fun to watch, although I think I enjoyed the national tour production I saw more mainly because of the cross-dressing Edna Turnblad. On stage was Mr. Bumpo from The Punisher (2004) and I enjoyed him far more than Mrs. Travolta. Everybody else was fantastic though. And I swear I’m not on a West Side Story recognition binge, but a portion of Big Blonde and Beautiful choreography had bits and pieces of “The Dance At The Gym” choreography (The Blues) and I was kind of giddy….stupid, I know, but yeah. I really enjoyed James Marsden, Zac Efron and Elijah Kelley. Amanda Bynes I was iffy about just because the stage Penny is a lot dumber and a lot funnier. I missed “In … Continue reading →

Kingdom Hearts 2

1000 heartless was easy at Level 32…I even got to level 33! The game is fascinating! My only complaint is the seeming lack of…something in the worlds. My biggest complaint is the movies. They deviate just by bits and pieces from the original and it drives me nuts! I mean the voice acting is fine and almost spot on for the most part. But Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Mulan…they all made me go watch the real movies because…well it must be because I’m anal-retentive or something, but I had to have that real experience…the other levels were fine because it’s more of an homage than a direct replaying of it. That’s what the problem is…they’re trying to duplicate the movie line for line and they’re failing, but the game overall succeeds by using the characters and letting you interact with them in a new story. That is the … Continue reading →

Lights Camera Action

I just saw Rent for the first time in my life…even though I already knew the story and all the lyrics. See the summer before 9th grade (1999), I participated in two productions with Musical Youth Artist Repertory Theatre, aka MYART. I got involved with the group because the director/producer taught drama at my middle school. The two shows I did (The King and I, Annie) were my first real introduction into the world of musical theatre. Yeah there was that thing in 97 where the entire family did a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but that doesn’t really count because I was in the kid’s chorus. So here I am this freshman punk hanging out with a bunch of high school kids…and what was a big phenomenon in 99 for musical theatre high school rebels? That’s right…Sweeny Todd. No you idiot, it was Rent. So we … Continue reading →

Part Deaux

For you newbie’s who skipped part alpha and went straight here to part deaux (whatever the hell that means) the following are my vitals. I’m a 17 year old Christian white guy born on July 1. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about two years. She is a freshman in college and a dancer. I am an Eagle Boy Scout (the highest honor they give out). I’ve had my license since February 3rd, which means I’m not allowed to transport any persons younger than 25 without a 25 year old licensed in’duh’vidual* in the vehicle until I turn 18 this summer. Oh well. I am a senior at Orange County High School of the Arts, a charter school in Santa Ana. I am a musical theatre major which means that I sing songs, act…um…actions, and dance dances. I’m glad that made sense. Another fun fact is that last August I … Continue reading →