Kingdom Hearts 2

1000 heartless was easy at Level 32…I even got to level 33!

The game is fascinating! My only complaint is the seeming lack of…something in the worlds. My biggest complaint is the movies. They deviate just by bits and pieces from the original and it drives me nuts! I mean the voice acting is fine and almost spot on for the most part. But Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Mulan…they all made me go watch the real movies because…well it must be because I’m anal-retentive or something, but I had to have that real experience…the other levels were fine because it’s more of an homage than a direct replaying of it. That’s what the problem is…they’re trying to duplicate the movie line for line and they’re failing, but the game overall succeeds by using the characters and letting you interact with them in a new story. That is the key. For instance, when I first entered the Lion King level, I was stoked by the transformation. But when Scar starts doing his speech and it’s just totally screwed up delivery-wise, I nearly lost it!

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