French Protest DOESN’T End In Bloodshed, Podcasts Aren’t That Popular and Ex-Vice President Gore Likes To Scare People

Apple – Trailers – An Inconvenient Truth – Trailer
Al Gore tries to scare the world. This is hilarious. I can’t believe people just beg to be scared out of there wits by things beyond control. I hate liberals for trying to run our lives. If you think we miniscule humans are causing global warming, you need to step back from all the hype and take a look around. We might be accelerating it, but if we’re moving into a geological period of global warming…there’s nothing we can do. “Bad things happen and there’s nothing we can do about it, right? Right. Wrong! When the world turns its back on you, you turn your back on the world” (Timon/Simba, The Lion King).

Column by PC Magazine: The Disc Format Wars
Dvorak weighs in on the issue and roots for HD while admitting that PS3 could tip the balance. Me personally? This needs to hurry up and solve itself. I’m more inclined to lean towards Blu-ray because it’s more space.

Jim Hill : MouseWatch: Tis a pity that he’s a “quote whore”
This is what we refer to in the biz as a plant. For more information, see Penny Arcade’s “On Botany”.

The Dilbert Blog: Free Will
Free will is an exercise in perception. From a three dimensional perspective, you have a choice. From a fourth or higher dimensional perspective, everything is laid out. So it all depends on perspective. Trying to rationalize it with science isn’t necessary.

Disappointment in Disneyland Security(Bag Checks) – MiceChat
This starts out as disappointment with security checks and evolves into a discussion on the true nature of security.

The web, to go – Industry sectors – Times Online
Intriguing…spidering all of the information on the web as opposed to spidering everything…guess my blog would get left in the cold since I don’t have very much original content. Does it ignore ads or large pictures? It just seems like such a far-fetched concept for 40 gigs… – Accused White House fence jumper was Albuquerquean
Did Al Quada hit Albuquerque? Or is this in regards to illegal immigration? Well it’s about poisoning, so I don’t think it’s either. This is not the way to elicit social change. If anything he should sue Bush or the Department of Homeland Security for failing him. You don’t act like a crazy person to get help.

Disney to Place ABC TV Shows Free on the Internet
Another business model to compete in the world of DVR’s and bit-torrents…very interesting. Will Ray Nagin Win Redemption in New Orleans? — Page 1
He’s the captain of the Titanic? I think that’s the worst analogy I’ve ever heard. Captain Edward J. Smith was stupid enough to go far faster than he should have with so many iceberg warnings. Ray Nagin was stupid enough to not bus people out of New Orleans with so many hurricane warnings. I just don’t think it works. Sadly, he’ll probably get re-elected.

BBC NEWS | Health | Weak brain links ‘explain autism’
Autistic people have difficulty with social interactions…a fascinating discovery into the workings of the brain.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Podcast numbers cut through hype
Podcasts are cool…that’s the story behind the post. “As a result broadcasters are worried that their market share will be washed away over night by a torrent of amateur broadcasters and companies that look on podcasts as a useful way to get
their message out” … does the writer know about bit-torrents? If he does, this is really clever writing. Otherwise, he got lucky. Or am I seeing invisible things again?

BBC NEWS | Health | Hope over laser ‘that melts fat’
Is this purely for vanity? Maybe it can kill cancer? “I’m not worried about cancer. I had broccoli for lunch” (George Carlin).

BBC NEWS | Americas | US gears up for immigrant rallies
Why do people insist on being ignorant? Americans crying for lawbreakers freedom? What is this world coming to?

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Tehran accuses US of mind games
Does anybody read the New Yorker? For that matter does anybody believe everything they read in the New Yorker? “I’d be more apathetic if I weren’t so lethargic” (Family Guy – Screwed the Pooch). So Iran won’t back down despite U.N. sanctions…gee, big surprise. But uranium enrichment is not only used for nuclear weapons. So the question is, why is Iran developing enriched uranium? To supply their energy needs and get off of oil? Why would they do that? The U.N. needs to get a lot tougher on this if it truly decries nuclear proliferation.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Venus probe set to reach target
Let’s go to Venus! Studying the weather on Venus will reveal the future of Earth and a closer insight into climate changes. Cool!

BBC NEWS | Europe | France to replace youth job law
Just goes to show the power of protesting…at least the students didn’t break out into bloody revolution! “Red, the blood of angry kids, black the color of despair”.

Albert Lanier spots some LITTLE FISH that look surprisingly like Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchett!
This film looks very interesting…of course it’s more for dramatic types then your standard summer fare.

Terri Schiavo: The Movie…

This could be an intriguing film depending on how they portray it…because the story is about all the controversy and how one defines life. Was she a vegetable? Or did she recognize her parents? The movie could be an intriguing discussion on life and human relations…I’d probably see it…just like I’m going to see Flight 93 even though I already saw the miniseries voiced by Keifer…I don’t know how you can beat that!

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