Myspace Ups Security, Kiefer Becomes Invincible and The U.N. Just Can’t Stop Iran | Iran Reaches Key Step in Nuclear Process
And the U.N. just sits there going…”But we told him to stop!” And people wonder why I don’t take the U.N. seriously.

Windows XP and iMac a cool combination
The details behind what dual-booting your Apple computer means. This is much appreciated. And here’s what Lifehacker has to say about all the hype.

Aljazeera.Net – Australian kickback inquiry takes toll
Austrailia was a part of the food-for-oil programme with Iraq? Damn…and I thought they were awesome…now they’re slightly less awesome.

New York Daily News – Entertainment – See ‘Jack’ run even more

Kiefer signed a deal to stay on for 3 more seasons at least. Well at least we now know for sure that he can’t die until Season 8…kind of takes the fun out of it. “I am thrilled to extend my commitment to all my friends and colleagues at ’24’.” Jack, what friends? You killed them all off, remember? But they kind of had to. “Death pays, though. Viewership is up 13% from a season ago to 14.2 million viewers.”

Snoring runs in the family
NOOOOOO! – think – Headlines – President Bush Admits Declassifying Iraq Intelligence
The public demanded the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and learned not to trust the Bush administration…do we really need to keep rehashing it? 2008 can’t get here sooner. Assuming we’re not bombed back to the stone age by Iran before then.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israeli cabinet ends Sharon rule
He’s done so much for the people of Israel and it’s about time they moved on. I hope he recovers, but Israel is doing the right thing by giving the acting PM full power.

BBC NEWS | Technology | MySpace tackles teen safety fears
They’re going about this the correct way by making the parents more aware.

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