The Free Speech Debate Rages Against Playboy and Family Guy

Snarkmarket: High-Stakes Life
Robin explores mental exercises that help you empathize with unknown regions of your brain…freaky cool!

Columns by PC Magazine: Camera-Phone Danger
Are companies liable if you use their property for something illegal? An interesting look into the use of camera-phones and mobile blogs.

Newsvine – Indonesians Hurl Stones at Playboy Offices
Radical Muslims at it again! This isn’t nearly as serious as the cartoon wars, but shows another way that America and Islam don’t get along. But then again, Christian values are against Playboy, so free speech and Islam don’t get along…just like in the cartoon wars! Wow..a hidden connection…w00t!

Newsvine – Court: Ads Violate Filmmakers’ Integrity
Go Sweden! Why isn’t this in America!?!

Newsvine – Thousands Throng Opening of IKEA in China
China is all about capitalism…with each step they’re taking towards capitalism, how far away can democracy and a free society be?

Newsvine – Rice Calls for ‘Strong Steps’ Against Iran
Rice for President in ’08! Yes, let’s strongly encourage the UN to change. Lets also strongly encourage the Moon to stop orbiting. “and maybe after that miracle I’ll go punch out God” (Sin City, That Yellow Bastard, Frank Miller).

Apple’s Boot Camp: Boycotts and Crashes – Yahoo! News
Everything was all hunky dory yesterday, now all of a sudden we’ve got major issues? First off, that’s why Boot Camp is in beta! I hate it when the news media hypes something without telling us the other side of the story.

Wade Sampson : Wednesdays with Wade: Funny Little Bunnies
An encyclopedic like look at bunnies and the history of Silly Symphonies! Very interesting. – Health – Local Dad Sues Soda Companies Over Chemical
So leaving these sodas in the sun causes high levels of benzene to form which can be dangerous…the companies allege that benzene is used all over the world, but obviously not in high levels. Is he trying to get money? Or is he genuinely right? | Oil Prices Steady Ahead of Gas Stock Data
Why isn’t there more news about alternative fuel sources than Iran and Nigeria where the world is coming to an end? Like the story about the guy who can turn junk into crude oil or drilling in Alaska? We need to break away from the Middle East!

BBC NEWS | Technology | Search users ‘stop at page three’
Even I do this! Is technology shortening our attention span while raising our expectations?

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Da Vinci in new plagiarism claim
Another mook (Russian this time) tries to cash in on Dan Brown’s popularity. I kind of feel bad for the guy, what with all the “controversy” swirling around him.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Berlusconi demands ballot review
He’s pulling an Al Gore!!! Or is it a John Kerry? I forget how many Democrats have disputed the results of an election. Of course it’s always possible that there are real discrepancies in how the vote went down.

‘This. Explains everything.’ More Cartman Vs. FAMILY GUY!! Cartoon Wars: Episode II!!
The first episode was hilarious…can the second episode be any less funny? But it’s not just funny…it’s incredibly poignant in revealing how America is reacting to this free speech issue.

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