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It’s not a musical, but it’s theatre. Or it’s a musical concert that’s physically in a theatre that isn’t dramatic. Or it’s just really confusing.

Maggie’s Getting Married – Torrance Theatre Company

A very delightful and poignant romp! My favorite characters were Axel (the actor boyfriend of title character Maggie’s older sister) and Maggie’s father, Tom. Axel’s delivery was just very hilarious and I really enjoyed watching him deal with Maggie’s older sister Wanda and all the craziness that ensues during the play (I felt like I kind of identified with him too). I also kind of identified with Tom (Maggie’s father) merely from the perspective of him being a married man, but he had these really great moments where he just had these stares-into-space reactions that were hilarious. Heck, as long as I’m being honest, I identified with Maggie a little bit as I was worried about my parent’s empty nest syndrome when I got married. For the second time, we chose to sit in the small side section which, while not “ideal” for seeing the show as optimally designed (1316 … Continue reading →

Renaissance Pleasure Faire 50th Anniversary Visit

Why oh why did we think we’d actually have time to get to Faire this year when we bought the half-off tickets last Christmas? Regardless that I took emergency time off from work in order to go, we had a fairly decent time! We went as mortals with fancy masks (she found hers and then made me a matching one). Agenda: Arrived around 1pm and did the valet parking The Wit Of Will (hey, that’s a Bold and Stupid Man!) Lemon ice! Magnificent Humble Boys (ah Shelby) A spot of Broon on our way to the back of faire (why is this car getting larger and larger? I know, right?) Sky Kings Falconry Merry Wives of Windsor Poxy Boggards Wander for food and drink (only one public water fountain? O_o) Glance at the Joust To The Death (pretty) Moonie and Broon’s final show of the day Valet the car and … Continue reading →

Million Dollar Quartet – Segerstrom Center For The Arts (OCPAC), Costa Mesa, CA

A delightful romp that, unlike the fanciful show Tin Pan Alley that theorized a meeting between the legendary Irving Berlin and Scott Joplin, details an actual event where four legends of rock and roll met under the same roof. On December 4th, 1956, Sam Phillips – creator of Sun Records, has coerced and cajoled Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley to “come home” and visit the place where they all got started (or in Lewis’ case where he was about to get started). So aside from having an evening of chart-topping rock-and-roll hits, you’re also treated to a bit of a history lesson regarding rock ‘n’ roll and how it came about. My knowledge of the events were sketchy at best and influenced mostly by Scot Bruce’s speech about Sun Records during his show and the Johnny Cash biopic Ring Of Fire. But it was absolutely … Continue reading →

A Streetcar Named Desire – Golden West College

Kim Brown was the primary reason we came (and Laurie Reynolds…and Veronica Mullins…and Mason Meskell…and Nika…and…well you get the picture), but the raw emotional power onstage was the reason we stayed. One particular moment is still shudderingly vivid in my head…it’s in Blanche’s Act II monologue about what really happened to Belle Reve and the line where Blanche calls to the soldiers creeped me the hell out! And the music was fantastic (Veronica told us later that she just brought in her collection of jazz and told the director, “Here.” LOL).

Blue Man Group – Segerstrom Center for the Arts (OCPAC), Costa Mesa, CA

AMAZING!!! I’ve been a Blue Man Group fan for years and am very excited that they can now take the amazing artistic/cultural experience that their show is and tour the country! Shake That Thang (at least 90% of the audience stood up which is pretty amazing for Segerstrom Center) Please give us back our balls Gipad multiple blue men to pull off the costume changes for the digi-enhancer bit, but absolutely brilliant! also a very culturally relevant way to do the information bit (the three giant signs where if you’re lucky or insane you can read all the content before the change it) Texting before light suits Toilet paper confetti They gave away all the artwork!!! Well not the human canvas cuz they need that one. but the shirts and hats song, they gave away the painting and the marshmallow tower! set list they definitely started with TV Song Drumbone … Continue reading →

October Theatre (The Importance Of Being Ernest, The Wedding Singer, The Woman In Black)

The Importance Of Being Ernest – Golden West College Tony Graham, Angele Lathrop, Merci Hase, Sara from Seven Brides, Gina from Breaking Up, … Really liked Algernon…he played the character really well and gave Rupert Everett a definite run for his money. The Wedding Singer – California State University Fullerton Katie Del Vecchio, Amanda Shay, Millie from Torrance’s “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” and the always amazing Cindy Shields. It was nice to see it on a big stage (loved the use of Thriller for “Casualty of Love” as well…) as the only other time I’ve seen it was when David Green produced it at OCPAC’s Founder’s Stage. This production was excellent and highly enjoyable. The music is awesome and fun to rock out to and even though this production was tracked, everyone did a really good job (I don’t remember any major slips or delays while waiting for the … Continue reading →

A Very Cultured Saturday (Tim Burton Exhibition At LACMA & Encore Entertainment’s Production Of The Drowsy Chaperone)

What fun! Went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (AKA LACMA) for the first time with our friends Jeff and Wendy to check out the Tim Burton Exhibition (closes Oct 31) and various other exhibits there. Then Laura and I went to West High in Torrance to see a student production of The Drowsy Chaperone which was a lot of fun! Tim Burton Special Exhibition (Resnick Pavilion): to see so much Burton goodness in such concentrated form was amazing. The exhibit features remnants from his interment in Burbank (winning contest entries, doodlings on newspapers, poetry referencing classmates), props and costumes from his numerous film projects and replication maquettes from Nightmare and Corpse Bride, but what’s really amazing is to see how much of Burton’s genius is captured in his sketches. It is his preferred medium of communication, and his prose is stunning. The rooms of the exhibit are … Continue reading →

Over The River And Through The Woods – Torrance Theatre Company

A very intriguing discussion about family, generational relationships, expectations and other emotional hockey pucks served up during nice Sunday meals at Grandma’s house…in Hoboken, New Jersey. Talking with one of the actors afterwards (Derek Rubiano), he said something very poignant – that you can take something away from the show no matter where you are in life. And it’s true. I am newly married and took away certain things, but with 6 different back stories to pick from, I imagine anybody can take anything away from this play with very little difficulty. Favorite line (as I vaguely remember it): Emma (one of the grandmothers) talked about how their children and grandchildren had higher expectations from life then they did resulting in a different life…not necessarily better, just different. Very intriguing use of a “pop-up” space, the Torrance Theatre Company found a space for rent in Old Torrance and turned it … Continue reading →

In The Heights – OCPAC

Very fun story with lots of high energy dance and freestyle lyrics. The story of a neighborhood in Washington Heights that has evolved into a large family unit that protects itself as the rest of the world beats down on it. really enjoyed In The Heights @OCPAC but it occurred to me that it’s @ThatKevinSmith ‘s Clerks with color & on the other side of the Hudson 10:25 PM Aug 7th via Twitter for iPhone