Blue Man Group – Segerstrom Center for the Arts (OCPAC), Costa Mesa, CA

AMAZING!!! I’ve been a Blue Man Group fan for years and am very excited that they can now take the amazing artistic/cultural experience that their show is and tour the country!

  • Shake That Thang (at least 90% of the audience stood up which is pretty amazing for Segerstrom Center)
    • Please give us back our balls
  • Gipad
    • multiple blue men to pull off the costume changes for the digi-enhancer bit, but absolutely brilliant!
    • also a very culturally relevant way to do the information bit (the three giant signs where if you’re lucky or insane you can read all the content before the change it)
  • Texting before light suits
  • Toilet paper confetti
  • They gave away all the artwork!!! Well not the human canvas cuz they need that one. but the shirts and hats song, they gave away the painting and the marshmallow tower!
  • set list
    • they definitely started with TV Song
    • Drumbone was in there
    • as was Feast Picking
    • and PVC IV
    • and a new version of Rods and Cones
    • not Utne Wire Man but Light Suits
    • Shirts and Hats
    • Time To Start
      1. One Armed Fist Pump
      2. Raise The Roof
      3. Wave Your Hands In The Air
      4. Getting A Closer Look At The Audience
      5. Behind The Head Leg Stretch (???)
      6. 2-Armed Upward Thrust With Yell
      7. Clapping Your Hands In Unison For An Encore (???)
  • i love the marshmallow tower in the lady’s purse and the toblerone in the guys hand

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