The Rock Church Worship Service


Beautiful (I See Your Face In Every Sunrise)
The Grateful Ones (There's A Melody That Rises)


11-11-11 the time it’s now
The words from Mark just kind of jump off the page
We’re glad you’re here
Next week it’s Watoto
Pretty packed, so be sure to arrive early for seating
We can’t all go to Africa
Great way to get a feel and a look at Africa


This is THE Becki Ryan
Be The Air (My Lord And My God)
One Thing Remains (Higher Than The Mountains That I Face)
Love Came Down And Rescued Me
You Alone (Who Can I Run To)


Great segue
Story about a woman who could sing that song
4 years ago we went over this story, but I think it’s important to revisit
Elkinah is married
1 Samuel 1:3-28
We’re supposed to pray and then things get better
No means no and there’s nothing on the other side

There isn’t a person in this room who doesn’t have inadequacies
Why do we love underdogs in movies?

If you build your life on your kids, your expectations will crush them

Peninah isn’t satisfied/pursued either, so she takes her misery and projects it on Hannah

Hannah starts her prayer where Jesus asks us to start them…by hallowing the Father’s name

I’m not going to listen to what society says about kids, I’m going to pray for a child and give him back to You


Beautiful Things (All This Pain)
All To Jesus I Surrender


Don’t forget about your wife

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