The Rock Church Worship Service


Doxology ( (Praise God from whom all blessings flow))
Everlasting God ( (Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord))
Say hi to someone near you that you don’t recognize and tell them what your kids were for Halloween
Rescuer ( (Mighty and strong to save))
Take Heart ( (There is a light))
Love Came Down ( (If my heart is overwhelmed))


On November 20th the Watoto choir will be rocking it out here
We need 4 more homes and 12 volunteers for the concert
Talk to Jeami and signup on the sheets
Agora on Thanksgiving Day – if you don’t have anything else to do, Adam Ebert is opening up his house for a Thanksgiving feast
Talk to Chrissy Miles
I’m 43 years old
As I’m getting older, I’m less impressed with what people do and accomplish and more impressed with what people are becoming
Compassion and love and hope and kindness

Shortly after the whole Red Sea incident
People are freaking out and they’re saying now what
Our leader is supposedly communing with God
So they convince Aaron to melt down their gold to make a graven image
God tells Moses what’s going on and Moses takes God’s handiwork down from the mountain and smashes it
Exodus 34:29-35
Face not radiating after first encounter with God
Met with God face-to-face and no shining
Exodus 32:16 the tablets were the work of God
The author feels it necessary to delineate this
The second one, Moses snag God form a partnership that had miraculous results
When you work with God, when your own blood, sweat, and tears are in the work, it means so much more
My brain and my joints remember it
What happens when someone you respect and look up to asks you to help then create something?
They say, “I need your help” and your soul leaps
I talk about my grandfather Harold Good a lot even though he’s no longer with us
If I think I am measuring up to him, I feel good about myself
Going down to the wood cellar and co-creating with him
I absolutely
Mr. Mitchky was running woodshop while drinking odorless liquid (vodka) from this magic thermos
I made a checkerboard and couldn’t wait to show it to my grandfather
To this day it reminds me of my grandfather
How does it feel when someone is watching us do something and says, “Here, let me do it”
If we take a passive stance…
The second time, something transformed Moses on the inside
He was transformed by partnering with God
Something happens in your soul when the Creator of the universe invites us to co-create
Moms and dads, do you know how important it is to bring your kids into the kitchen and let them co-create with us?
Yes it makes a big mess, but isn’t that an exact picture of us with our heavenly Father?
Jesus is only one of 2 rabbis to seek out disciples
Most rabbis waited for potential disciples to come to them and go through an audition process
Jesus hunts down teenagers who must have gone through the audition and been told you can’t carry my yolk, bless your family, go back and take up your father’s trade
Being on the T-ball B team does a lot for your self-esteem
Moses was a liar and a murderer
Psalm 146 (?) Who gives … to the widow
Luke 4
John 15:16
Never let us become blind to those who are being oppressed and those who need a defender
We’ve tried to let you know about some things you can do to be a redemptive presence in the South Bay
I’ve been wrapped around doing a church plant for about 2 years now
Tikun olam – from the mishna, means ???
Buena Park is LA ???
Rob was profound last Tuesday

Rob’s Email

Just a couple of thoughts from tonight:

  • We don’t want to try to sell anything. We’re seeing what God is already doing and want to be a part of it–we don’t want our congregation to miss out on a chance to be a part of it.
  • Why did we pick this opportunity? We’ve been looking for a church plant opportunity for a couple of years because we don’t want to become “ingrown” or just focused on ourselves. Last year we could have been involved in a plant in Vegas but the pieces never came together. This year we met Moses early in the process and have watched him grow and build this new plant over the last few months.
  • This is a great investment. Because we’re partnering with 2 other churches and the denomination we only have to raise $20,000 to plant a new church.


We’ve seen what God is already doing and we don’t want our people to miss out
Las Vegas church last year was a bad starting point for us
This is a great investment for us $20,000
Covenant denomination raises $150,000 for church plants – we got that 10 years ago
Pacific South West Conference
Evangelical Covenant Conference in Chicago
This is so much bigger than The Rock Church, so many more people believe in Crave Life Covenant Church
Jesus, never let us become desensitized to the pain in this world
Presence of God
When you’re ready, come to the table

Paul / Communion

None But Jesus ( (In the quiet, in the stillness))
Love Came Down ( (If my heart is overwhelmed))


My grandfather had a John Deere tractor
He asked me one day if I wanted to drive
I drove it into a ditch, but he didn’t chastise me
He just told me to do it right

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