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The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Jon …. The apostle Paul has the audacity to say that even in this I am content I’ve learned the secret of contented ness What if Paul never met Jesus, his life would be pretty awesome Went to a good school, had a good career as a Pharisee Then he met this resurrected Jesus Jesus doesn’t promise the good life, He promises us abundant life What if Paul had told the story from a different perspective, of unaccomplished goals and unfinished plans A story were Paul wasn’t doing so good In 1909 a no longer young woman named Henrietta Sol Founding HADASA, a women’s Zionist group Channeling her unrequited love into something productive and beautiful What if her story had been about getting married to the right man? Do you ever question the good life? Do you compare it with the abundant life that Jesus offers? So Paul says … Continue reading →

Surplus – The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Stephen potluck in 2 weeks Sharing one thing on my mind I’ve been careless this week with words and I’m reading this for me and I don’t know if these 2 verses have ever been linked together John 15 no longer do I call you servants Romans 15:7 therefore show grace and peace and hospitality One of the hardest things to do is just be friendly to people around you Paul Jon Here’s Jeami, she’s going to India next week Jeami I’ve had India on my heart for a long time With Uganda in good hands, prayer led us to know that now was the time So I joined the rotary club of El Segundo and they asked me to represent them in Bangkok so they’re paying my way which is a huge deli FE Jon Another week, another parable Jesus often responded to deep questions with stories Have … Continue reading →

The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Say hi to someone near you that you don’t recognize and tell them what your kids were for Halloween Jon On November 20th the Watoto choir will be rocking it out here We need 4 more homes and 12 volunteers for the concert Talk to Jeami and signup on the sheets Agora on Thanksgiving Day – if you don’t have anything else to do, Adam Ebert is opening up his house for a Thanksgiving feast Talk to Chrissy Miles I’m 43 years old As I’m getting older, I’m less impressed with what people do and accomplish and more impressed with what people are becoming Compassion and love and hope and kindness … Shortly after the whole Red Sea incident People are freaking out and they’re saying now what Our leader is supposedly communing with God So they convince Aaron to melt down their gold to make a graven image … Continue reading →