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We'll See The Goodness Of
Jesus Lord Of Heaven


The apostle Paul has the audacity to say that even in this I am content
I’ve learned the secret of contented ness
What if Paul never met Jesus, his life would be pretty awesome
Went to a good school, had a good career as a Pharisee
Then he met this resurrected Jesus
Jesus doesn’t promise the good life, He promises us abundant life
What if Paul had told the story from a different perspective, of unaccomplished goals and unfinished plans
A story were Paul wasn’t doing so good

In 1909 a no longer young woman named Henrietta Sol
Founding HADASA, a women’s Zionist group
Channeling her unrequited love into something productive and beautiful

What if her story had been about getting married to the right man?
Do you ever question the good life?
Do you compare it with the abundant life that Jesus offers?
So Paul says yes to Jesus
Acts 26:14
Goad – sharp pointy stick used by cattle herders
I’m going to persecute Jesus and anybody who follows Him
Resistance is futile
Ed. Note – Jesus / kingdom of God equals the Borg ?!?!?!?!?!?!!!????!?!?1
Maybe if it keeps reoccurring to us, maybe we should face the goad instead of kicking against it
I don’t know what it will be for you
Maybe it’s already happened, maybe not yet
Maybe it’s necessary suffering
Maybe you get caught up in the if-only script
If only I had taken this job, my life would be a lot better
If only, fill in the blank, maybe my life would be differ
What would have happened
That spin cycle will take you to nowheresville real fast
Do not expect different results from asking the same questions over and over
Discontentedness will settle in
I could pray for Jesus to come again, or for me to die and take me away from all this
But so much of the scriptures talk about eternal life NOW
Not some day
I want to live. To live is Christ, to die is gain
Paul doesn’t turn away from the goad, he gets blinded by it
The goad will take you down
That’s the invitation
Paul, nothing changes – contentment is something we can feel no matter what, especially when we feel lack
You are not a disappointment to God if you struggle with lack
You’re gonna make a big mess of things
Paul begins to tell a different version of the story
He begins to spin a different story, through a different lens, a different pattern, the Christ pattern
When he is suffering, and the if only e and the could have Brenda, remember this: you and I have the pleasure of suffering with Christ
Life, death, AND resurrection
All three
When death is looming over Paul, he says, to die is gain
He lost everything, but he says, it’s okay, I lose everything for Christ
I don’t expect my life to end differently than Christ’s life
Paul sees everything through the resurrection of Jesus, it’s all done through Christ
Paul has learned how to tell his story through a different lens
I sent an email to my friend, 5 minutes, secret to contentment
Uncle Bobby
Look down at the muddy sandals or look up at the miracle of the water being held back for your safe passage
Don’t shop to fill the lack
Don’t get caught up in the wish I would have
You made some mistakes, yes you are a failure sometimes
Even in this – Jesus Christ has the final word
Not you
You’re just not going to win
Jesus will
Pick your head up
Stop kicking the goad
Ask what do you want

Identify an area that you are experiencing discontentment and tell the story
Then retell the story through the life, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus
Example: there isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t feel like a complete failure in my profession
Mondays I have sermon hangovers
Did I really say that?
I struggle with that
I’m great at writing scripts in my head
I wish, I could have, I should have
When I retell that story through the resurrection, I realize
I keep butting into myself – I am my own goad
The thing about this job? It keeps revealing the weak parts of me
I follow the Jesus that had to die and descend into hell
Maybe there’s some things in me that need to die
Good news – I’m getting better
Retell your story through the resurrection


None But Jesus (in the quiet, in the stillness, I know that you are God)


When we think of those places that haven’t been fulfilled, we bring them to the table
We meet Jesus on the cross and hear him say:
I know where you are
I’m with you
And that’s where we retell our stories
Remember in those moments of discontent, He is with you


All In All (You are my strength when I am weak)
Majesty (Here I am, humbled by your majesty, covered by Your grace so free)

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