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I’m no Rupert Murdoch, but sometimes things happening on the global stage are interesting.

Assassin’s “Fixer Upper” proves that Bob Iger isn’t a Szechuan aberration

A co-worker was poking around Google Maps and stumbled upon this unusual, yet practical demonstration of chromatic aberration (Wikipedia). Us Weekly | ‘Fixer Upper’ Was Presenting a ‘Security Issue’ for Chip, Joanna Gaines So beautiful! I’ve only seen the show a handful of times, but the hosts always struck me as genuinely good people and this only confirms it in my mind. PC Gamer | For better or worse, Assassin’s Creed: Origins is an RPG now This very much whets my appetite for more. 27 October can’t get here fast enough! Polygon | Disney chief was consulted about decision to kill Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens I don’t know why, but this feels like Iger trying to (unneccesarily) prove that he’s a mover / shaker or something. Polygon | Rick and Morty fans, McDonald’s is bringing back Szechuan sauce This is very amusing to me. I don’t … Continue reading →

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (Logo)

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closes after 146 years

Source: As a passionate fan of Cy Coleman’s “Barnum” and the extraordinary life that Phineas Taylor lived, this saddens me. Although the sadness was slightly bolstered by listening to the finale of the show, “Join The Circus.” Reading through the article and talking about it with my wife, there were several curious nuggets that emerged from the discussion that I wanted to share. The article mentions shorter attention spans as one reason why circus attendance has declined and I wonder if maybe a Saturday morning cartoon where the circus has to solve mysteries or something might not have helped with that. I also wonder if it might even help people be less afraid of clowns playing detective. Despite winning a civil court battle regarding “allegations that circus employees mistreated elephants”, the circus continued to face negative pressure from animal rights groups and municipalities (in the form of local ordinance … Continue reading →

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud

Shortly after I first started working at DreamHost (Fall 2011), there was a lot of talk about “the cloud” and because I’m never tuned into the right channels, I couldn’t help but feel like DreamHost was just enslaving themselves to some kind of marketing buzzword and we wouldn’t be doing anything significantly different. The continual mention of “the cloud” made me laugh out loud like Candace Flynn anytime anyone said anything about writing letters to Santa Claus. And I didn’t think twice about those thoughts until I stumbled across this recent Dilbert comic strip (almost a year after I initially had those thoughts about “the cloud”) and I was amazed and somewhat humbled to realize how much of a cloud nut I’ve become since then. So I started poking around to get some more information about “the cloud”. First I read Who Invented The Cloud by TelecomTV.Com to try and … Continue reading →

Wait…The Cost Of Oil Did What??? And Costo Did WHAT?!?!

Here we go. A straight-forward-ish explanation of what’s going on with the price of oil. So Iran is posturing and the price of oil spikes?!?! Grrr. But even more grrrr was our experience at Costco today. We pulled into the line at the Fullerton Costco gas station (which seemed fairly straight-forward for a Saturday), but soon we were engaged by a Costco employee. They told us that the back pump of each lane was Regular only and the front pump was Premium only. This effectively means that everybody (except the few who don’t want to wait in the line and get Costco employee guidance to queue up for the front pump) is waiting to use one pump per lane. The next opportunity we had we bailed because that’s garbage. As Laura and I waited for the next available opportunity to exeunt the premises, we discussed why on earth Costco would … Continue reading →

PC Magazine Daily Digest Reactions

At CES, Vendors Play Catch Up With Apple Windows 8 you say…a laptop with a detachable table you say…that’s goatee stroakingly interesting! Last Ballmer CES Keynote Light on News, Big on Windows 8 Okay. Wait a second. Ryan Seacrest was on stage talking to Steve Ballmer about what’s coming next? Why? So more “not news but hype”, but the YouTube link at the bottom about the “Josh Groban Sings The Best Kanye West Tweets”? Priceless. Google ‘Dream’ Doodle Honors Martin Luther King Jr. Beautiful as always. Murdoch Slams Google, White House Over Piracy, SOPA I have absolutely NO respect for Rupert Murdoch’s statements. I still think Fox News is “more balanced” than any other news network out there, but really the future is going to belong to the Internet so get off your Twat-box Rupy. 😉 Murdoch: News Corp. ‘Screwed Up’ With MySpace Bwahaha. Yeah. That’s pretty funny. Also interesting … Continue reading →

Election Day 2008

President McCain/Palin – The True Name of Barack Obama’s Change: Intolerance But whoever wins, I intend to fully support the American President. Cuz they’re not going to bulldoze Disneyland. The prices may skyrocket and I may be too poor to afford an annual pass – but it will still be there. Prop 8 I’ve come to the conclusion that homosexuality is (generally speaking) not a choice. Most homosexuals don’t choose to be homosexuals…that’s just how God made them. With that conclusion, I have no choice but to vote no on 8 because otherwise I’m discriminating against a group of people. And that’s unconstitutional (why is California still voting on this issue? ;)). What the Bible Says – And Doesn’t Say – About Homosexuality

McCain vs. Obama…round 2….FIGHT!

Obama wants to cut spending? HA! McCain encourages bipartisanship, which I believe is the answer. Not bending over backwards for them…but working with them… McCain doesn’t want to prioritize because he believes we can do goo in all 3 areas (health care, social security, and energy) Obama priorities 1 – energy 15 billion a year for 10 years funding…what exactly? Car maintenance? 2 – health care 3 – social security McCain wants to examine all bureaucracies and see what they’re doing. And we shouldn’t prioritize – we should tackle all the problems. Obama wants us to drill…I am very impressed with Obama’s call for expanding the Peace Corps to make us all aware of conservation…just don’t talk about carbon offsets 😉 Obama says only Fortune 500 CEO’s get tax cuts….neglecting to mention the small business owners who get the tax cut that helps them stimulate the economy. YES! Good job … Continue reading →

Veep Debate: Biden Vs. Palin….FIGHT! ;)

I’m writing my thoughts as they freeflow out of me while watching the debate on youtube. I indicate who was talking when the thought popped out. I’m also paraphrasing some of what is said in order to highlight that I agree with it. Biden – Did McCain want to deregulate because the government regulation was bloated and not doing any good? I’m just genuinely curious…. Biden – If people can’t afford to fill up their gas tanks, maybe we should get off of foreign oil!!!! Biden – Barak didn’t vote to raise taxes? HA! Why are we letting them (the Dems) define the terminology? They say it’s all about deregulation and won’t let us comment on anything else… Biden – Only the middle class is watching the debate? >> Palin – Small business fit into the greater than/equal to 250,000…higher taxes for small business crimps America. Small business is the … Continue reading →

Obama Vs. McCain

McCain says Senator Obama, Obama says John. Not very respectful. What? Did Obama really just switch to domestic policy issues on a question about foreign policy? Oh that’s right…he’s just running through his list of talking points…ok… Obama likes to play the blame game. “We still don’t have Bin Laden.” What are you going to do about that Barak? Pull troops out of Iraq, let it become a new hideout for Al-Queda and search for Bin Laden in Afghanistan? McCain doesn’t support torture…oh…yeah…oops. But as long as Jack Bauer government agents exist who are willing to take the temporary blame if the information is profitable, I’m fine. I was surprised to hear Obama backpeddle in explaining what he meant by meeting with Ahmadinejad without preconditions…