Veep Debate: Biden Vs. Palin….FIGHT! ;)

I’m writing my thoughts as they freeflow out of me while watching the debate on youtube. I indicate who was talking when the thought popped out. I’m also paraphrasing some of what is said in order to highlight that I agree with it.

Biden – Did McCain want to deregulate because the government regulation was bloated and not doing any good? I’m just genuinely curious….

Biden – If people can’t afford to fill up their gas tanks, maybe we should get off of foreign oil!!!!

Biden – Barak didn’t vote to raise taxes? HA!

Why are we letting them (the Dems) define the terminology? They say it’s all about deregulation and won’t let us comment on anything else…

Biden – Only the middle class is watching the debate? >>

Palin – Small business fit into the greater than/equal to 250,000…higher taxes for small business crimps America. Small business is the last

Palin – We don’t like anything else the government is doing…why should we support a government run health care system?!? Hell yeah!

Biden – A majority of small businesses don’t fall in the greater than/equal to 250,000 bracket? LIES!

Biden – 🙁 I’m sorry you stuttered. Contrived…

Biden – *applause* You actually credited Palin for her work in Alaska. I salute you!

Palin – Bipartisanship is the solution. Agreed.

Biden – there is is! THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION!

Palin – Domestic energy is the answer! Yay!

Moderator – What is true about climate change? Really? Why are potential vice presidents discussing the validity or non-validity of \”scientific reports\”?

Palin – Cyclical climate changes are real! 🙂

Biden – Freaking liberals with their insistance that climate change is man’s fault….wait…which polar ice caps are melting? it’s actually building up in Antarctica! Want to blame China? Well..ok…maybe China is doing a bit to affect climate change.

Biden – Maybe John McCain didn’t like the alternative energy proposals suggested…doesn’t mean he’s against alternative energy period…means only bad proposals are making it up there….

Biden – I like your take on same-sex couples…what’s Palin gonna say though? It’s not a matter of religion…the Constitution doesn’t

Palin – She doesn’t support redefining the word marriage, but she supports same-sex couples Constitutional rights.

Biden – Again – I like your take on gay couples.

Palin – No to gay marriage, yes to civil rights for gay rights. Amen. 🙂

Biden – Can we stop this petty bickering about \”funding the troops\”? Oh wait it’s politics…nevermind. 😉

Palin – Stop the bickering over the term \”without preconditions\”!

Biden – Is talking all we’re going to do, though…

Moderator – why are we debating about what’s been past? That’s just inviting bickering….what the heck?

Biden – Wait….you said Iran was close to the bomb and that’s a problem! But you just said that an unstable Pakistan was a bigger threat!

Palin – There is so much respect in this room it’s making me sick 😉 And yes! Let’s not bicker over the past!

Biden – So THAT’S where the liberals get their McSame stuff.

Moderator: oh so you’re complimenting Biden on his interventionism, eh? Syncophant*

Palin: She lays out what she has done about Darfur as governor of Alaska and what we should all do about it…yay!

Palin: Why do we need this back and forth bickering about who sad what when? How is that healthy debate/discussion?

Biden: Let’s get Usama…ok….HOW?!?!?! What’s your plan?

Palin: She’s not going to be lockstep with McCain’s policies like Biden claims he will be with Obama’s policies…good

Palin: Her reward is in Heaven? *OH*. I didn’t know Biden was a widower…
HA! Shout out, extra credit for watching…HA!

Biden: You support No Child Left Behind?!?! You think it failed because it was underfunded?!?! *slaps forehead*

Moderator: That’s an exceedingly anti-Bush question (is the Vice President part of the legislative branch)…hmmm

Biden: I didn’t know…I’m sorry.

Palin: Good work jumping on Biden…he shouldn’t have said “we need more of the same”…

Biden gets to jump back in there, shoot McCain in the back with anti-Maverick stuff and Palin doesn’t get to respond? Sure you’re “running out of time”, but come on!!!!

Palin: So instead of stalling or deadlocking agendas, you passed potentially bad budgets so that things can keep moving…I like it.

Biden: Mike Mansfield – don’t question motive, question judgement

Palin: Nice…a Republican attack on the “mainstream media”…yes!

Biden: Well done…saluting the troops! 🙂

* Moderator Gwen Ifill has a book coming out on Inaugural Day 2009 called <a href=””>The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama</a>. That’s interesting…the Republican pundits I’m listening to say this should disqualify Ms. Ifill on grounds of bias…but the book looks like it actually delves into racially equality in politics as a result of Obama (a black man) being nominated for president…hmmm. I just can’t tell if she’s completely in Obama’s pocket or not….

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