An American Carol – AMC 30 @ The Block, Orange, CA

A brilliant conservative satire by David Zucker, you would be remiss (or politically biased) to see W. (Oliver Stone’s latest opus that villifies our current President) or Bill Maher’s Religulous (saying that all religion is stupid) and not see this film. Then again, multiple movie theatres are shorting the gross reports for this movie by printing another movie title on the ticket and Bella Terra is so leftist it’s not even playing at their theaters!!! Then again, they could be thinking there are not enough people in their market to support the movie…no, even *I* can’t make that bacon fly.

Starring a laundry list of Hollywood conservatives (Kelsey Grammar, Dennis Hopper, Jon Voight, Bill O’Reilly, country star Trace Adkins, and Chris Farley’s little brother Kevin), it’s a twist on Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol where a Michael Moore-esque character tries to abolish the Fourth of July.

JFK plays the ghost of Jacob Marley, General George S. Patton (masterly portrayed by Grammar) as the Ghost of American Past (?), George Washington (well played by Voight, but I preferred David Morse in HBO’s John Adams miniseries) as the Ghost of American Present and Adkins as the Angel of Death, followed by the awakened patriotism/conversion of Scrooge Michael Malone, documentary filmmaker who couldn’t get laid at a Columbia anti-war rally.

A brilliant film in a season of anti-conservatism.

Confusing for the movie trailer to clarify that it’s Michael Malone, not Moore and advertise that Rosie *O’Connell* is in the movie when that’s really a fake person…very confusing.

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