McCain vs. Obama…round 2….FIGHT!

Obama wants to cut spending? HA!

McCain encourages bipartisanship, which I believe is the answer. Not bending over backwards for them…but working with them…

McCain doesn’t want to prioritize because he believes we can do goo in all 3 areas (health care, social security, and energy)

Obama priorities

1 – energy

15 billion a year for 10 years funding…what exactly? Car maintenance?

2 – health care

3 – social security

McCain wants to examine all bureaucracies and see what they’re doing. And we shouldn’t prioritize – we should tackle all the problems.

Obama wants us to drill…I am very impressed with Obama’s call for expanding the Peace Corps to make us all aware of conservation…just don’t talk about carbon offsets 😉

Obama says only Fortune 500 CEO’s get tax cuts….neglecting to mention the small business owners who get the tax cut that helps them stimulate the economy.

YES! Good job McCain! Call Obama on small business owners.

Obama says only a small percentage of small business owners make more than 250,000….baloney!

McCain isn’t answering the question about Social Security except to say bipartisanship is the answer (which might work….MIGHT)….but I like the answer to Medicare about assembling a commission.

Climate change isn’t an issue!!! But McCain is right….green jobs is the answer.

Obama says McCain voted 23 times against alternative energy…what else was in those bills?

Tom Brokaw you are hysterical…your hand motions – “Mr. Obama…time to stop now!”

McCain voted down alternative energy because it had pork barrel supported by Bush and Cheney! McCain voted AGAINST Bush! Who’s McSame now?

I like this idea of “investing in internet technologies in hospitals” (which Obama got the first crack at and McCain mimicked).

Observing the light system (indicating how much time debaters have to speak), McCain blew past a decent stopping point.

Obama says again that McCain voted against something…gee, guess there was pork in the bill!

Obama just spouted that banks go to Delaware – where his running mate happens to be from….yeesh!

Obama says McCain was wrong and that we weren’t greeted as liberators in Iraq…we were! Look at the pictures! It’s just become the front in the war on terror.

Hey Obama: If McCain’s war policies haven’t worked, why haven’t we been attacked again?

Did Obama forget that we DID interject in the Holocaust? And what’s this about having to work with our allies? If we can’t be everywhere at once, let the consciences of our allies dictate their morals!

The war on terror will end in Afghanistan? Really Obama? Destroy Al Queda and another extremist Islamic group will spring up in it’s place…what then?

McCain didn’t say you would invade Pakistan….he said you would announce attacking it to get Usama.

Wow Obama…using a joke as a reliable source?

Obama: Stop Russia from making mischief? What are you, a poet?

Excellent glad-handing McCain! Damn right we can’t wait for a U.N. Security Counsel. How will Obama respond though?

Damnit McCain – you said that (the without preconditions thing) last debate and Obama shot you down! >:(

That’s right Obama…sanctions on Iran will work SOOOO well…

What? Michelle Obama knows everything you don’t know? That’s a little frightening…

Tom Brokaw you are hysterical!

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