PC Magazine Daily Digest Reactions

At CES, Vendors Play Catch Up With Apple
Windows 8 you say…a laptop with a detachable table you say…that’s goatee stroakingly interesting!

Last Ballmer CES Keynote Light on News, Big on Windows 8
Okay. Wait a second. Ryan Seacrest was on stage talking to Steve Ballmer about what’s coming next? Why? So more “not news but hype”, but the YouTube link at the bottom about the “Josh Groban Sings The Best Kanye West Tweets”? Priceless.

Google ‘Dream’ Doodle Honors Martin Luther King Jr.
Beautiful as always.

Murdoch Slams Google, White House Over Piracy, SOPA
I have absolutely NO respect for Rupert Murdoch’s statements. I still think Fox News is “more balanced” than any other news network out there, but really the future is going to belong to the Internet so get off your Twat-box Rupy. 😉

Murdoch: News Corp. ‘Screwed Up’ With MySpace
Bwahaha. Yeah. That’s pretty funny. Also interesting to see what Timberlake is planning/investing in.

Hackers Target Israeli Stock Exchange, Airline Web Sites

Wikipedia Also Going Dark Wednesday Over SOPA, PIPA
This will be awesome…

Has Google ‘Lost Control’ of Android Thanks to Fragmentation?

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