The Rock Church Worship Service


Facedown (Who is like You in the heavens?)
The Father's Love
Faithfulness (Like the sparrows flying freely)


Nobody liked Zaccheus very much
He was a tax collector who made a profit by telling his customers that the tax was double the actual tax
One day he’s doing his thing
All of a sudden way down in the distance he sees a commotion
Someone stands up and yells “It’s Jesus!”
Everybody knows who Jesus was (Justin Beiber had nothing on him)
I need my two tall people
No, not you Cas (but I’ll need you later)
Tons of people blocking the path
Come up here Zaccheus
He was a little man
I’ve never been sick or blind, but I’m a bad person
Maybe Jesus can do something to fix me
So he tried standing on his tiptoes
Tried jumping up and down
Nothing really helped
He was a little man
He tried bouncing from side to side
So this really tall tree (told you I’d need you Cas)
So Zaccheus climbed up the really crazy tall tree
Finally he saw Jesus
Jesus is going through this infinity-minus-1 crowd
Says come down Zaccheus, I want a play date with you
And so everybody around is a little ticked
Nobody likes Zaccheus very much so they grumbled
Listen, he takes money from us, what the heck?
Zaccheus was so amazed
He overheard the grumbling but he believed that Jesus could fix him
So he told the crowd:
I’m going to take half of my toys and give them to others
For every dollar I took, I’m gonna give back four because that’s how grateful I am that Jesus noticed me

When there’s desire, He pushes through the crowd to get to you
The reason he pushed the others aside?
I don’t have enough time to go to every door
If I pick him, its not that I don’t love you, I do!
They were grumbling because they wanted to feel special too
The reason He left to heaven was to send back His spirit
As a man, He had limited time
So He sent His spirit to live in everyone’s heart all the time
There’s lots of things you can’t see that you know that you know that you know
Like your Parent’s love for you
1. Jesus wants to tell you how great heaven is
2. He wants to share our emotions, the tears and the joys. He wants to know absolutely everything

1. He wants us to say Jesus will you be my playmate forever
2. If you already think Jesus is, He wants you to say how can I be more like Cas (the crazy tall tree) and help others see Jesus

When Zaccheus said the things he said
You were lost but now you’re saved
God doesn’t think anybody is too far gone…He’s just waiting for someone to help them see Him



Things happen and we change the order of songs
Let’s stand together and sing
How the grace and mercy of God is there for the weak
Your grace is enough
Gonna do a couple of songs
You know, body language
Bear with us, we’re just playing by ear now
Your Grace Is Enough (Great is your faithfulness oh God)
Rescuer (You are mighty and strong to save)
Feel like I need a mulligan on this one
Our God who is faithful and gracious and loving
Faithfulness (Like the sparrows flying freely)

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