Obama Vs. McCain

McCain says Senator Obama, Obama says John. Not very respectful.

What? Did Obama really just switch to domestic policy issues on a question about foreign policy? Oh that’s right…he’s just running through his list of talking points…ok…

Obama likes to play the blame game. “We still don’t have Bin Laden.” What are you going to do about that Barak? Pull troops out of Iraq, let it become a new hideout for Al-Queda and search for Bin Laden in Afghanistan?

McCain doesn’t support torture…oh…yeah…oops. But as long as Jack Bauer government agents exist who are willing to take the temporary blame if the information is profitable, I’m fine.

I was surprised to hear Obama backpeddle in explaining what he meant by meeting with Ahmadinejad without preconditions…

One thought on “Obama Vs. McCain

  1. Bullfrog117


    McCain does a public sorrow thing for Ted Kennedy at the beginning and I just hang my head. Silly Ted Kennedy…

    Remember when McCain said he was wearing a bracelet to support a soldier and then how Obama stumbled as he looked at his own bracelet in his response? Yeah…the family has asked him not to wear the bracelet. And the media is sweeping it under the rug. They’ve found their new Bill Clinton – someone they’re willing to cover ANYTHING up for.

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