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Blue Man Group – Segerstrom Center for the Arts (OCPAC), Costa Mesa, CA

AMAZING!!! I’ve been a Blue Man Group fan for years and am very excited that they can now take the amazing artistic/cultural experience that their show is and tour the country! Shake That Thang (at least 90% of the audience stood up which is pretty amazing for Segerstrom Center) Please give us back our balls Gipad multiple blue men to pull off the costume changes for the digi-enhancer bit, but absolutely brilliant! also a very culturally relevant way to do the information bit (the three giant signs where if you’re lucky or insane you can read all the content before the change it) Texting before light suits Toilet paper confetti They gave away all the artwork!!! Well not the human canvas cuz they need that one. but the shirts and hats song, they gave away the painting and the marshmallow tower! set list they definitely started with TV Song Drumbone … Continue reading →

Blue Man Group How To Be A Megastar Tour 2.1, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

So I drove up to the Honda Center (or as I call it, the Honda Ponda) to see the Blue Man Group tour, but as I got there, I realized I didn’t have ANY cash on me (which you need to park your car). So I spent 15 minutes struggling to remember my PIN # at an ATM before deciding to just drive down Katella to the Stadium Promenade (where the Century Theatres are) rather than search for a Bank of the West where my PIN # MIGHT come to me. The thing about the Promenade is that it explicitly states that you’re not supposed to park their for events (like Angel Stadium or the Honda Center. So I park in the back, walk up to the ticket booth and purchase a ticket to the movie with the latest starting time, then deceivingly walk past the restaurants (so the security … Continue reading →

I Am Legend, Phantom (The Vegas SPECTACULAR) and Blue Man Group Live! At The Venitian

I Am Legend Having just watched a TV Guide special on it last night, it was quite fascinating to see the final product. The third re-telling of Richard Matheson’s The Last Man On Earth (1960’s The Last Man Standing with Vincent Price and 1970’s Omega Man with Charlton Heston) puts Will Smith in the titular role of one man’s struggle to cope with overwhelming loneliness in the face of some worldwide catastrophe that turns everyone else into dead or zombie/vampire thing*. A little scarier than I like my thrillers, but still very enjoyable. Will Smith is absolutely phenomenal as he copes with loss, loneliness and mutated humans who love eating other living things. It was also an intriguing look at breaking down the psychology of the human mind. The mutants are led by an alpha male who (despite Will Smith’s theories) displays very-human like abilities of mimicry and plotting. It’s … Continue reading →

Thanksgiving In Vegas

So what did I do for Thanksgiving Weekend. Got a haircut. Went to Vegas and created art by being hung upside down and slammed into a canvas covered in paint. No I wasn’t drunk, no I didn’t lose a bet (I’m still too young to gamble!)…I was a participant in the Blue Man Group show at the Venetian. So here’s what happened. A Blue Man selected me randomly out of the audience and brought me up on stage. They helped me into a plain white jumpsuit, placed a blue mark on my cheek (think Indian war paint) and put a blacked out motorcycle helmet on my head. Then they led me off stage and covered the jumpsuit with blue paint (rather roughly I might add). Then they attached a rope to my leg, hung me upside down and slammed me into a canvas. And then they pulled me out of … Continue reading →


Oh wow! All I have to say is thank goodness for the independent computer animation studios that let dreams come true. I don’t know as much about Blue Sky as I do about Pixar, but based on Ice Age and now Robots, I have to say they function just about the same as Pixar. Robots was just incredible! Voice talent, story, concept in general were just awesome. While the movie at first glance seems like just eye-candy, the story in particular really touched me. I mean, Rodney’s dad let’s Rodney live the dream that he wasn’t able to. How touching is it to see parents that fully support their children…especially in this day and age. From there the story almost made me think of what Michael Eisner is currently doing to the Walt Disney Company. Seeing as how this movie has been in production since 2002 I’m guessing that it’s … Continue reading →