Oh wow! All I have to say is thank goodness for the independent computer animation studios that let dreams come true. I don’t know as much about Blue Sky as I do about Pixar, but based on Ice Age and now Robots, I have to say they function just about the same as Pixar. Robots was just incredible! Voice talent, story, concept in general were just awesome.

While the movie at first glance seems like just eye-candy, the story in particular really touched me. I mean, Rodney’s dad let’s Rodney live the dream that he wasn’t able to. How touching is it to see parents that fully support their children…especially in this day and age. From there the story almost made me think of what Michael Eisner is currently doing to the Walt Disney Company. Seeing as how this movie has been in production since 2002 I’m guessing that it’s just a REALLY BIG COINCIDENCE. But the story continues on as one fly-by-night executive (Ratchet, voiced by Greg Kinear) and his mother (Jim Broadbent in a wonderful cross-gender performance) try to destroy all the self-esteem built up by Big Weld (Mel Brooks) who says that you can shine no matter who you are with the new slogan “Why be you when you can be new?” which emphasizes expensive upgrades rather than spare parts that robots can afford. Naturally this leads to a mighty revolution against the single executive and his army of shiny things, but the whole thing is executed excellently.

The voice talent is spot on and really fun. Not to mention Robin Williams in another animated feature! He is hilarious here. With enough cameos to stuff a chicken sandwich (don’t ask) the movies sparkles and pops with talent and really accentuates the writing.

All in all a great movie.

Addendum (2011-11-27 11:56): BLUE MAN GROUP HELPED WITH THE SOUNDTRACK!!!

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