The Lion King

The reason I’m not too happy with The Lion King is that it’s difficult (nigh impossible) to adapt everything word-for-word from an animated feature for a musical…but still…The Lion King is a treasured movie in my eyes (being one of the last “great ones”) and while (I think) I can overlook minor adaptation alterations…some things just scream at me! I mean, I almost couldn’t enjoy the show for the sheer fact that these were humans dancing around like lions…for crying out loud, Cats is more immersive than this. About the only thing I could enjoy about the show is the technical superiority of all the effects. They look pretty darned sweet…and I love all the puppets and dolls and masks and stuff…but for some reason I just can’t suspend disbelief for this musical…I can’t explain it. Beyond that, the music sounded great as did the singing…but that’s all I can really say. I just love the movie more than the musical. The only future Walt Disney Theatrical Production I may really like is On the Record because it just celebrates the movie without trying to replicate silly things…and maybe Mary Poppins…that could probably be done well on stage.

I just don’t know anymore….

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