Blue Man Group How To Be A Megastar Tour 2.1, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

So I drove up to the Honda Center (or as I call it, the Honda Ponda) to see the Blue Man Group tour, but as I got there, I realized I didn’t have ANY cash on me (which you need to park your car). So I spent 15 minutes struggling to remember my PIN # at an ATM before deciding to just drive down Katella to the Stadium Promenade (where the Century Theatres are) rather than search for a Bank of the West where my PIN # MIGHT come to me. The thing about the Promenade is that it explicitly states that you’re not supposed to park their for events (like Angel Stadium or the Honda Center. So I park in the back, walk up to the ticket booth and purchase a ticket to the movie with the latest starting time, then deceivingly walk past the restaurants (so the security guys think that I bought a ticket and then went to dinner) and walk to the Honda Center.

Blue Man Group: How To Be A Megastar Tour 2.1
This show was incredible (as always). Some new songs, some old favorites, and tons of fun! I took a LOT of pictures that turned out pretty decently despite all the lights and chaos and et cetera. They took the art they create from the stage show (the spin art with the paint balls and the marshmallow “creation”) and made them souvenirs for 2 lucky audience members. I was so jealous (even though the lady who got the marshmallow hat was a little repulsed…doesn’t she know that thing is worth $4,000 – by the Blue Man Groups expectations that is). Luckily I caught the spin art guy after the show and took a nice close picture of him. I REALLY like Blue Man Group and I’m not even entirely sure why…I first saw their show when I was much younger at the Luxor and thought it was fun (bought their album), but it wasn’t until recently (after I saw them again at the Venetian and bought The Complex CD/DVD combo) that I started to really enjoy them, and now I try to see them whenever I have the chance (whether it’s the Vegas show or the tour). One of the band members (the bassist) reminded me a LOT of Alan Rickman for whatever reason…but I’m crazy like that. The opening act, Mike Relm, was very impressive – a “DJ” who manipulated audio AND video on the fly (here’s my favorite sample on YouTube) – so you had him scratching the disc and making the video go back and forth in time with the record scratch going “Oh, Oh” and things like that. It was very cool! I’m on a quest to compile a list of the “Rock Concert Movements”, but I’m not sure where to put it…I’d like to put it in online in some form that is publicly editable so that people can submit their own or edit current entires….but I kind of want to be in control, so maybe I’ll just put it on my website in a Blue Man tribute area and say, “If you have a correction to any of the listed RCM’s or want to submit one I don’t have, email me at…”. Yeah I like that idea. More definably accurate that way.

After the concert (I didn’t win the backstage pass contest which required me to sign up for the newsletter AGAIN), I ambled (not walked or ran) back to the theatre, making a detour at Starbucks to use the bathroom and get some chai latte for my sore throat (screaming is SO much fun). My barrista had difficulty opening that tab on a gallon of milk which led to a little banter, and then she sees my name on my cup and goes, “I thought I knew you.” Turns out we went to OCHSA together. She was in commercial dance and knew my girlfriend at the time! Yay Starbucks!

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything
A Christian allegory that’s funny? [mock outrage and indignation] WHAT?!?!?! [/mock outrage and indignation] It’s not even very heavy handed! It’s just plain silly pirate fun that has a really great message…it’s a shame it couldn’t go head to head with Golden Compass, because it would have been a favored movie for Christians boycotting it (not that I’m sure anyone physically boycotted – they just spread the word about what it was really about and so forth). The movie actually reminded me a lot of Galaxy Quest because of the way the main characters pretend to be heroes and then have to explain that they’re not, but then they really are…it was intriguing. Does this mean Galaxy Quest is a Christian allegory? Anyways, it’s a hilarious movie that I really enjoyed.

Got gas after all my adventures and wandered into the store to get my snack on. A man walked in and had some kind of conversation with the attendant while wandering about. When I went up to pay, I discovered that he had a PYTHON on him. Curious, I asked him how long he had had it. “Since it was hatched.” He proceeded to tell me that it was some new species of Burmese Python. I just kind of absorbed it all and as he was leaving told him to enjoy the rest of his day (even though it was after midnight). He wasn’t a perfect match, but he reminded me a lot of Sam Elliot…a tough, leathery old man who’s still too cool for school.

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