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Over The River And Through The Woods – Torrance Theatre Company

A very intriguing discussion about family, generational relationships, expectations and other emotional hockey pucks served up during nice Sunday meals at Grandma’s house…in Hoboken, New Jersey. Talking with one of the actors afterwards (Derek Rubiano), he said something very poignant – that you can take something away from the show no matter where you are in life. And it’s true. I am newly married and took away certain things, but with 6 different back stories to pick from, I imagine anybody can take anything away from this play with very little difficulty. Favorite line (as I vaguely remember it): Emma (one of the grandmothers) talked about how their children and grandchildren had higher expectations from life then they did resulting in a different life…not necessarily better, just different. Very intriguing use of a “pop-up” space, the Torrance Theatre Company found a space for rent in Old Torrance and turned it … Continue reading →