Renaissance Pleasure Faire 50th Anniversary Visit

Why oh why did we think we’d actually have time to get to Faire this year when we bought the half-off tickets last Christmas? Regardless that I took emergency time off from work in order to go, we had a fairly decent time! We went as mortals with fancy masks (she found hers and then made me a matching one).

Arrived around 1pm and did the valet parking
The Wit Of Will (hey, that’s a Bold and Stupid Man!)
Lemon ice!
Magnificent Humble Boys (ah Shelby)
A spot of Broon on our way to the back of faire (why is this car getting larger and larger? I know, right?)
Sky Kings Falconry
Merry Wives of Windsor
Poxy Boggards
Wander for food and drink (only one public water fountain? O_o)
Glance at the Joust To The Death (pretty)
Moonie and Broon’s final show of the day
Valet the car and we’re outta here!

New layout which was a lot more logical (or so I’m told – I’d never really been further in than Rogue’s Reef).

The program for was a very nice touch and had a lot of interesting information. I especially liked learning about the history of this particular faire and how it all got started.

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