The Outsiders – The Rock Church Worship Service


Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Down)
Hosanna (Praise is rising)
I Adore You
Mighty To Save
You Are Good


Luke 14:1-14
The Pharisees were in charge of rules of hospitality, etc
Break those and you weren’t blessed by God
Moving from synagogue to Sabbath meal
It’s a continuation, not a switch
If you take these practices and apply them to us today
We receive hospitality from God
We also get together to remind one another of God’s goodness and His grace
After 6 days we come together to rest
If you’re a human being you probably had some stress
Conflict with other human beings
If you’re around people, your hearts take hits
Worship and meal is God’s hospitality to us
Extending it back to the people around you
Sabbath is about feeling God’s presence
I like being with you all
Sharing life with people I care about
I need you and I need you to remind me that God is good to you, remind me to say grace and peace
I just need a hug or a burrito, don’t preach a sermon at me
The question sabbath is supposed to ask us: are we extending hospitality to one another?
Sabbath is also a time to be present to God
I know when some of you come to this place, you’re not here
You’re on to the next thing
A time for us to be aware that God is here
Sabbath is a gift from Him to us
I breathe in the breath of God that I might breathe out His love
Can you imagine setting your list aside for one day? That would drive some of you type A folk crazy

Jesus is going to dinner with the insiders, the religious minded
Rudeness spills out on one another
We go off and completely forget what we talked about
Everything that happens before and after is important because we are all about people
Jesus isn’t preoccupied with what’s next
He’s in Sabbath celebration mode
What we just heard about in the temple, I’m going to apply this right now
Jesus’ story brings us up short
Worship is not just what we get out of it
Benedict the Fourth: “I always want you to receive every guest as if they are Jesus Christ Himself”
Rich or poor, no matter what color they are
Oh Jesus Christ, is it you again?


Very simple song we’re gonna sing that speaks to this kind of love
Like Jesus Loves (I wanna love like Jesus loves)

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