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The Rock Covenant Church

The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Maria Advent Conspiracy Worship fully Spend less Give more Love all … Advent is about celebrating the coming of God into our world … What helps us celebrate God, Christ, Emmanuel (God with us) … Regina … My mom gave me this stuffed Christmas tree with stuffed Nativity ornaments and we hang new items to match the theme of the week 30% of Manhattan Beach is Jewish, so we celebrate Chanukah I think it’s a bridge for the boys to some of the other kids in their school Celebrate the day of Epiphany El Molina sells king bread with plastic babies inside it … Maria Can draw ideas from each other but also the church calendar, I hadn’t even thought about celebrating epiphany If you want to share let us know You can also write on a paper ornament and hang it on the tree and see what other … Continue reading →

The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul coda Jon Continuing our temporary break from grace and peace I have this scroll in my office Mini replica of the Torah Torah is life, beauty, poetry Reading words from God to people, life-giving words They place honey on their children’s lips and tongues Don’t just memorize things, but giving them the full experience, the sweetness of Him Ed. note – this makes me think of C.S. Lewis talking about how sex doesn’t have the same pleasure as chocolate. As we’re reading the text and God’s redemptive story Life giving beauty and poetry Giving us an idea of what redemption looks like and how it plays out The sticks on each end of the scroll are referred to as trees There’s trees at the beginning and the end (Genesis and Revelation) We live in the middle, in this redemptive story that’s going on Torah is life and life-giving Each … Continue reading →

The Outsiders – The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Jon Luke 14:1-14 The Pharisees were in charge of rules of hospitality, etc Break those and you weren’t blessed by God Moving from synagogue to Sabbath meal It’s a continuation, not a switch If you take these practices and apply them to us today We receive hospitality from God We also get together to remind one another of God’s goodness and His grace After 6 days we come together to rest If you’re a human being you probably had some stress Conflict with other human beings If you’re around people, your hearts take hits Worship and meal is God’s hospitality to us Extending it back to the people around you Sabbath is about feeling God’s presence I like being with you all Sharing life with people I care about I need you and I need you to remind me that God is good to you, remind me to say … Continue reading →