The Wi-Fi Revolution, XP on Mac and…Terminator 4?!?

The Wi-Fi Revolution

San Francisco AND Santa Monica are starting up their own free wireless access. This is fascinating, as I was pondering the idea just the other day. Maybe they all saw Firewall and thought, “Gee, wouldn’t that be great if it were real?” But to the news at hand: The Official Google Blog deals with San Francisco since the city dealt with Google and Earthlink and whines about the deficiency in current WiFi technology….maybe he should look forward to the new N-standard tech from Linksys and Netgear (courtesy of Maximum PC). San Francisco may be the most progressive city in the world, but they also have the highest smug emissions (God Bless South Park!). The news details are over here. And then there’s the news of the entirely city-funded wi-fi hotspotting in Santa Monica…did somebody lose a bet? Why is a city doing something intelligent and good for the future?

Windows XP on Macintosh
There are several good articles out there discussing Jobs’ decision to open up Macs to Windows. In this piece from the BBC, we get the news related details of Mac’s decision. Over at PC Magazine, Lance Ulanoff compares Microsoft to the Borg and Apple to the next conquered species…is he right? Then from comes a Half-Life 2 screen test which runs surprisingly well. And what technology discussion would be complete without a comment or two from Penny Arcade’s Tycho. : ‘Star Wars Kid’ cuts a deal with his tormentors
This is the problem with coddling our children…God I hope to learn how not to coddle before I have kids…I’m very concerned with safety if I’m responsible.

The Dilbert Blog: Dancing
Scott Adams learns to dance for his wedding…and hilarity ensues. I actually feel bad about mocking him, because as a semi-dance teacher, I know it’s difficult when you can’t “feel” the music.“Now it’s time to say goodbye …” (4/07/2006)
NOOOOOOOO!!!! THE DAPPER DANS ARE GONE!!!!! Somebody needs to shoot the people in charge of entertainment at Disney…wtf is this?!?!?!

Update 14: Congresswoman in Capitol Fight Apologizes –
Too late…this isn’t going to do enough…she should be indicted for lashing out with claims of racial profiling. “It’s better to be an old bigot than a handsome corpse” as one NYPD policeman (fictional) said.

Bush rules out apology for domestic spying program
People don’t see the fullness of this issue…if you don’t talk about bombs or terrorism they’re not going to listen to you…this prevented the destruction of the bleeding Brooklyn Bridge!!!! Why are people still against this? Narrow-mindedness will defeat this country.

Judas seen as Jesus’ collaborator, not his betrayer / Early Christian manuscript portrays him as favored disciple who was told he’d be ‘cursed by the other generations’
Another interesting take on the gospels…funny how we have to believe EVERYTHING that was ever written that is old. | Dulaine in ‘a dream state’ as Banderas portrays him
I wasn’t planning on seeing the movie, but now I’m very interested.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | N Korea talks revival ‘up to US’
So Kim-Jong wants to talk, eh? Is this based on how the U.S. is reacting to Iran?

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Stones tracks censored in China
So Jagger gets censored, eh? Everybody is bending over backward to let China censor them…is this good for the future?

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Court rejects Da Vinci copy claim
Congrats Dan Brown…one small step for Gnostics, one giant leap for intellectual property rights.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Senate delays US immigration deal
So it’s dead? But don’t they have all day today?

The Writers Of CATWOMAN Bring Us…TERMINATOR 4!!
So the T3 writers also wrote Catwoman…<shudder> that movie is an abomination of a fantastic license…they wasted the name Catwoman on Halle Berry and bull about women’s lib…so stupid.

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