Hairspray and Serenity/Firefly

So yeah, I saw it on Monday, but I’m finally getting around to reviewing it…so sue me, sue me, what can ya do me?

Hairspray was a lot of fun to watch, although I think I enjoyed the national tour production I saw more mainly because of the cross-dressing Edna Turnblad. On stage was Mr. Bumpo from The Punisher (2004) and I enjoyed him far more than Mrs. Travolta. Everybody else was fantastic though. And I swear I’m not on a West Side Story recognition binge, but a portion of Big Blonde and Beautiful choreography had bits and pieces of “The Dance At The Gym” choreography (The Blues) and I was kind of giddy….stupid, I know, but yeah. I really enjoyed James Marsden, Zac Efron and Elijah Kelley. Amanda Bynes I was iffy about just because the stage Penny is a lot dumber and a lot funnier. I missed “In the Big Doll House”, but I accept the alterations made for the story. Christopher Walken is so inspiring….I love that he’s still a dancing fool at his age.

Nicest kids in town!

I love the universe that Joss Whedon and Tim Minear cooked up for Firefly/Serenity and as I was rewatching bits and pieces of the tv series/movie again, I started thinking about how much fun an MMORPG based on that universe would be. Of course, my imagination is far more fertile than anything I’ve seen the gaming companies pump out, but allow me some shallow dreaming.

  • 2 playable “sides” with
    different classes

    • Alliance
      • military posting with a career path to operative if wanted
      • government posting with a career path to parliament
    • Browncoats
      • foragers like Mal
      • middle-men like Badger
    • should there be a reaver class? no, just reaver enemies…something else to deal with
  • When: 2 choices
    • sometime during the rebellion
    • after the events of the movie
  • Dialogue options
    • I love The Curse of Monkey Island where you get to choose your dialogue. Something like that which would allow Joss Whedon to write like a million different lines and implement them…kind of like what Gabe talks about for the Penny Arcade video game.

But hey, what can you do but dream or start your own game company. [le sigh]

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