I Robot

This movie was fun. Almost as fun as Riddick. I really enjoyed the futuristic look and all the high tech equipment (parking garage and the freaking ROBOTS…they were awesome). People have complained about the cookie cutter plot, and how it’s really simplistic. I think they enhanced a simple plot (just like they did with Dodgeball) with elements of a mystery story. What I mean is the movie felt (especially through the music) like a mystery. The music, by the way, was great fun.

Our hero has to figure out who killed Dr. Lanning (James Cromwell) but then there’s a twist, kind of thing. Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan were wonderful. Especially Will’s monologue about his robot paranoia. The special effects? Get out of here! They were awesome. Sonny’s performance rivals Gollum/Smeagol’s (they used the same technique, guy in a blue suit, with facial imitation). I really liked Sonny (he’s the kind of character that grows on you). Now I feel that I need to read Isaac Asimov’s book to better understand his take on robots and AI…because that’s what the movie primarily focuses on. Again I was able to guess about 75% of the plot, but the twists are what make the whole thing worthwhile. I mean, if you start to complain about how similar stories appear, you really start to wonder if there is even an original idea out there anymore. I, Robot is the 40780th film to be released under the auspices of the MPAA (at least I think it is, those are kind of the numbers I remember), so if you walked in expecting a brand new plot, you’re an idiot. The production cost $165 million (filming and marketing), and the estimated total before this weekend is just over 80 million. Based on it’s performance, I guess-timate that it will break even and get some extra cash, but it won’t really be a blockbuster release (gee, funny thing to say during week 2 of a movie’s run…shaddap you!).

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