Shark Tale

This movie is horribly cliched. And not in an enjoyable way either. I was sitting in the theatre and I could practically recite the movie…and I’ve never seen it before. Everybody knows the story of the liar with a heart of gold. The diamond in the rough. The little fish that could. Which makes the story re-used without any innovation…in other words: crap.

They once again tried to create a movie for kids with adult humor (aka the Dreamworks success formula) but it didn’t work this time. And I laughed out loud. Several times. It’s a funny movie…but not a GOOD funny movie. Every single individual aspect of the film was great. The voice acting was superb and it was visually stunning. But like I said, Dreamworks was just churning out another film according to formula and that is never good for business. Or maybe it is…it just makes me feel dirty.

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