After The Sunset

This movie was really fun. Packed full of comedic bits and a pretty well-paced story, this movie is NOT just a vehicle for the sexiness that is Salma Hayek (although her being sexy in a movie is always a plus (it’s one of the main reasons I saw Once Upon A Time in Mexico…that and Johnny Depp)). Having not seen The Thomas Crown Affair, I can’t compare Pierce Brosnan’s performance or rebuff complaints of his lack of character research (they say his character’s are virtually indistinguishable).

The premise: Brosnan and Hayek are a loving team of expert jewel thieves who have retired after one last hit, when suddenly they find themselves under investigation by the same agent they got their last big score from (Woody Harrelson). Comedy ensues as Brosnan tries to butter Harrelson up into thinking they didn’t do it (upgrade to the Bridge Suite, front and back massages, the works). But Harrelson refuses to believe him. I especially loved the sequence on the boat with the sunscreen and the shark. I’m not even going to try and explain it because it would be a lame explanation. Besides, why should a movie review ruin one of the reviewer’s favorite moments? You’re darn right it shouldn’t. But back to the movie. Lots of fun, lots of tension, and a heck of a good plot twist. You’d never really expect a plot twist like this one…or at least I didn’t. It really kept the movie going and even kicked it up a notch.

Nice cameo by Don Cheadle as an American businessman peddling drugs, but hey, he can’t always be a good guy. (In fact some of his better turns are as villains…hope that doesn’t say anything about his character…)

All in all good flick.

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