Are We Alone?

Do married men ever yearn for bachelor freedom? Or do bachelor’s ever appreciate those “one-night stands” that they pretend to enjoy? I’m sure some do. How else do you explain the high divorce rate in this country? But it is wrong to make a cuckold of someone who has trusted you for months on end, isn’t it? You must remain faithful to the woman you love. But will it last? Most people assume or take for granted the relationships they get into. But they won’t always be there.
Have you ever been so alone that you start talking to a chair? Or have you ever been among friends and felt unwanted? Like you’re in a black hole of loneliness? In moments like this, you can reach out so desperately for companionship. You will grab a flimsy strand of cobweb, commit any sin, and love any person to save yourself from the darkness. You will do this, even if you know, you know that it can’t support you and will lead to your ultimate doom or failure. But the darkness has made you so lonely that you just don’t care anymore.
It’s moments like these that test a person’s strength. But your inability to make a lasting connection is humanity’s weak link. Humans, in every fiber of their being are social creatures; they require communication and understanding. Without friends or family we lose sight of what’s important, even if just for a second. Moments like this force people to define personal philosophies on politics and love. But sometimes people don’t define it right away; they just hang onto that cobweb for all it’s worth: losing themselves in the darkness of loneliness.
Then the darkness begins to delude you, makes you hot and sweaty. Your dreams devolve into nightmares; your health deteriorates, until finally you can’t take it anymore. You’ve gone insane from solitude. In the fever of your excitement, you let go of the thread and land on a platform of understanding. You define what this moment meant for you and get on with your life.

But it just starts all over again. You will have to sharpen and redefine your philosophies so many times that you will feel like a flapjack flipper stuck in overdrive. Sometimes, it feels pointless, but it is for the best. If it wasn’t, then why were we made this way? Why were we created imperfect? Maybe our beauty is in our blemishes.

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