Life Aquatic Meet The Fockers

My parents couldn’t understand this movie…they wanted something funnier. I kind of liked it and I understood that it would be a Wes Anderson comedy, so the humor would be more implied or indirect, as in Meet the Tannenbaums and Rushmore (actually I haven’t seen Rushmore, so I’m guessing). Yeah for Henry Selick claymation! I knew it the instant I saw it on the big screen! Ok for the uninitiated, he directed Nightmare Before Christmas (one of the greatest Disney-but-not-Disney movies of all time) and was almost directly responsibly for it’s claymation style (aside from Tim Burton’s hearty participation).

Does a very nice job for a sequel. Very enjoyable. What I really enjoyed is the fact that it deals with Jack Brynes’ (Robert DeNiro) inability to “trust” anyone due to his years spent with the CIA.

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